Friday, April 20, 2012

"I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night..."

While I'm not quite doing the Kiss cover, I AM Relaying for Life tonight!
Relay for Life is one of my favorite events of the year! It's a great bonding time for everyone involved and really is SO much fun! There are all kinds of events at the Relay at USC including Mr. Relay, early morning Zumba (I'm talking around 2 or 3 am!), fun mini fundraisers and there have even been raves in the past!

I stocked up snacks and all kinds of goodies for our team and I can't wait to start Relaying! I'll be part of a team from 7pm-7am, so if you're just sitting watching TV late at night or getting ready for work in the morning, just give us a little thought or prayer!


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Melissa said...

Your Relay sounds like so much fun- especially the early morning Zumba!