Saturday, April 21, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Paisley

April 17

My mom picked up these shorts for me at the J. Crew outlet not too long ago! I wore them for the first time and got so many compliments on them! The colors are a lot of orange, pink, gray and even some dark green in there too! I wasn't exactly sure what top to wear, but I ended up picking a gray silk blouse from J. Crew too that I love! I think it looked pretty good together!

Other than Lilly Callahan shorts, I pretty much live in J. Crew chino shorts! Whether they're printed chinos like these, critter shorts like my anchor ones, or even the solid colors, I'm a big J. Crew shorts fan!

What about you? Do you wear J. Crew shorts? What inseam works best for your summer or shape?



Colorful and Classy said...

I am in love with J.Crew chino shorts-have two pairs of the buttery twill color! They go with just about any top! Hope to add more colors to my collection at some point! I have easy access to a J.Crew outlet so that is nice! I prefer the 5" inseam. Also love my Lilly Callahan shorts of course!

Emily said...

I have those shorts (along with the ones similar in the more muted green/ivory tones) and LOVE them! You're right- I always get compliments when I wear mine too! They're just so fun!

Worthington said...

I love the J.Crew short in the boyfriend relaxed cut/fit. I think those are the broken in ones with a 5" inseam.

Becky said...

I just bought some similar shorts and I love them! I want to pick up some J.Crew chino shorts, but the nearest outlet store is so far away :(

SHF said...

I rotate between the 3" and 5" shorts - I love both!


Lily said...

I love the J.Crew short in the boyfriend relaxed cut!

Lily @