Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interning: Can You Do Me a Favor?

I really hate to ask my followers to do anything extra, I hope y'all know that! However, you will really be able to help me out BIG time if you can spare a minute or two! I entered myself in a competition to win a summer internship just for kicks! (It's a bit of a long shot, but I figured I would step out of my comfort zone, apply anyway and see what happens!!)

About.me, that website I posted about where you can manage ALL your social media sites, is holding a contest for all users! I'm attempting to alert many of my social media feeds to please vote for me, so I'm sorry if you feel like you've seen this 50 times!

Click HERE to vote and (hopefully!) hook me up with what could be an awesome internship!

Also, like I said in the last post about About.me, I highly encourage EVERYONE to sign up for one! It makes personal branding and showing your social media prowess easy and fun!

I jazzed mine up for the competition, so here's the new and improved version:
Special thanks to Bayside Bride for the photo! So many benefits to interning for BB if you're interested! Speaking of internships, click "interning" above to hear more about BB opportunities!

Thank you a million times over to anyone who can spare the few clickable seconds to help me out! 

LBP love and all of mine,



Its Official said...

How fun! Good luck! I voted for you :)

College Prepster said...

Bah- I have one, but I CANNOT remember any of my login information..... hahah http://flavors.me/thecollegeprepster

Blue Dog Belle said...

I voted for you! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

voted! good luck!!

Maria said...

I just voted for you! Good luckkk!

Becky said...

Voted for you! Good luck :)

Short, Sweet, and Petite said...

Just voted! Good luck! :)

CapeCodCollegiate said...

Just voted! Hope you get it!