Monday, April 2, 2012

Just Call Me a Maxxinista!

I actually kind of hate those commercials, but I have to have to have to share this steal that I got. It was seriously the steal of the century! I found this Lauren Ralph Lauren Blazer in the Clearance section if you'd ever believe that!
(Sorry about the phone picture!)

First price: $290
Second price: $210 (compare at)
Third price: $99
MY PRICE: $49!

Count 'em people! That's 4 discounts! FOUR DISCOUNTS?!

I was at a local TJMaxx and spotted this RL Blazer! I tried on a Tahari suit that I really liked and was $70 and I was carrying it around for awhile debating on my purchase to build up my professional wardrobe. Then I popped over into the Clearance section of TJMaxx and didn't see too much. Then all of a sudden this navy blue blazer caught my eye! I put everything down and tried it on! It doesn't fit like a glove, BUT nothing a little nipping and tucking that I tailor couldn't do! I figured with the amount I'm saving, a little tailoring is nothing! 

Plus, I don't have a real blue blazer since the one I had in high school has since been donated to my newest high school token-tall-girl-family-friend. Gotta look out for each other!

This is the blazer in full view. It has 3 pockets which isn't exactly traditional, but I thought it was a nice shape and it hit my hip at a good height that I figured I could definitely use it! I like the 3 buttons as well:
They're very traditional, and as a plus, all 3 are still well connected! You always have to check that at all those off-price stores!
All of the sleeve buttons we all there too! 

I am so excited about my new blazer and can't wait to get it in tip-top-shape! 

Are you a TJMaxx, Marshall's, Stein Mart, Off Fifth, etc. shopper? I am very proudly!!



mFw said...

What a fabulous deal!!! I love Nordstrom Rack! My mom just found a gorgeous Trina Turk coat there! I also like TJ Maxx but my home one is so much better than the one at school!

Maria said...

This is SO amazing! I'm so jealous!

Krissy said...

I've had my eye on this blazer in my tjmaxx for the past few months and its been priced at 99.99 for the longest time but since yours has gone down in price maybe i should check my local tjmaxx to see if its finally gone down in price too! its the most beautiful blazer ever! the buttons are my favorite!

Melissa said...

OMG...lucky!! What a GREAT find!

In Canada, we have Winners. I don't shop their often as it's hard to find anything. If I have tons of time to browse, I'll pop in, as you never know what you'll find.

Becky said...

Oh my god I love TJ Maxx. My mom used to take me there ever since I was a little kid, so it is almost like I was born to shop there. Love the blazer you got--you're so lucky!

Buckhead Belle said...

What a steal! I need to hit the TJ Maxx by me ASAP!

M said...

I love shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls! You can usualy find Lilly stationary and other random items there. I got my Murfee at TJ Maxx also! It's hard to pass up a great deal!

xo M

Frannie Acciardo said...

I love my TJ Maxx! I once got Lilly PJ's for $40 that were originally $100 and I love them!!! It's honestly a truly fabulous store

CapeCodCollegiate said...

I always get so overwhelmed when I wander into Tj Maxx but this is such a great find I may just have to take a deep breath and muster my way through it :)

Rose said...

great find, I always shop TJ Maxx

Anonymous said...

I LOVE TJMaxx...I literally go there at least once a week. I love finding Lilly stuff there too!