Monday, May 21, 2012

The Frat Collection!

I'm really excited to tell y'all about The Frat Collection! About three weeks ago, this fun, innovative, new company contacted me about their fun merchandise. It is IDEAL for people who like to personalize their clothes. For those of you who don't like when a brand is all over your shirt, or when four of your closest friends all have the exact. same. thing. The Frat Collection is all about YOU!
These are just a FEW of the multitude of options!

Basically the way it works is you pick out your shirt color and pick our your pocket. 
Some of my favorite pockets include:

The Cindy for girls (doesn't this just SCREAM LBP?!)
The Clayton for boys
The Hardee for boys or Jaclyn for girls (I have this one!!)
The Laura for girls
The Ambrose for guys--I HAVE to like this one since my sister's going to be an Auburn Tiger in the fall! WDE!
The Kelly for girls or Edward for guys--and on that note, this is the PERFECT Gamecock pocket!
This was a phone close up of my shirt! I ordered a Jaclyn pocket on a Gulf Tides long sleeve shirt! The minute I wear it for the first time I'll be sure to post a proud photo of it!

One of my favorite parts about TFC, is that a portion of the price gets donated! I donated mine to the American Red Cross and you can donate to any charity of your choice!

I am SO excited to be showing y'all the Frat Collection and fully expect to be seeing them all over the SEC schools! 



SHF said...

I love the shirt and pocket combo that you ordered - it's super cute! I would probably order something similar as pink and blue are two of my sorority's colours!


Jacob Phelps said...

These are seriously adorable! Thank you for sharing.

Melissa said...

Laura and Jacklyn are my two favourite! And love, love, love that you get to pick the charity that the donation gets made to!

Holly said...

Hah, typical, I ordered the Jaclyn pocket too! I want mine to get here NOW though! Not supposed to ship until June 4th sadly.

Seersucker Sass said...

I received my Linley pocket on a Southern Skies tee today & I am so excited! I had my donation sent to Prevent Child Abuse America. I want to order more, I am just having a hard time deciding on color combinations.

Anonymous said...

You know how loathsome I find logos, these are wonderful!

Sending you a smile,

hEl said...

Adorable! As a Syracuse grad I love the blue and orange!

p.V.e said...

I just heard about these shirts yesterday! I am in LOVE! Yours is so cute!!

Heather said...

Love these! I had looked at their website a couple weeks ago and believe it or not, this was the exact same combo I was looking at!! I love the pink seersucker pocket- so cute and different from anything else!

Katie said...

Have you heard of the frat collection? Use coupon code "Maine" to get 10% off!! Share with your followers!

Katie said...

Have you heard of the frat collection? Use coupon code "Maine" to get 10% off!! Share with your followers!

A Preppy State of Mind said...

Katie! I am so excited that you posted on these fabulous shirts! I just placed an order for two for myself and one for my brother! I'm too excited! :)

I'm your newest follower and LOVE your blog! I'm so excited to see more of your fabulous ideas :) Please check out my blog sometime and following along if you'd like! :)

-Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind