Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Gift: Amanda C. Bee

As a surprise for my sister and I, my sneaky Mom asked good friend, Amanda Bee to do a few custom pieces for us! I've been itching to show y'all!
This is a custom copy of a photo from MANY MANY years ago of my sister and I:
How sweet did it turn out?! We LOVED the Amanda Bee version! My Mom gave Amanda a few more original photos and this is what Amanda came up with:
A lot of my facebook friends will know this photo from when my sister visited me for the Auburn game!
Y'all have ALL seen this one as well before on LBP--a few of my faaaavorite Baaaaaay ladies! All us Annapolitans just swoon over these Amanda Bee portraits!

Have you wanted Amanda to do one of yours? I know she's done a few for some other fabulous bloggers--be sure to check her out for a wonderful gift or memento!



Anonymous said...

Adorable! She is so talented!!!!

Erin said...

These look amazing! xx

preppylove said...

So awesome!! I don't know about her but I'm definitely going to look it up now!


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! Amanda is so talented! She did a few for me based on some of my wedding photos. I adore them!

An Admiral's Perspective said...

President of her fan club!!