Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On Trend: Colored Jeans

I didn't totally understand the colored jeans trend. I wasn't sure why people were flipping out over it and I just let it fall by the wayside. That all changed Monday!

I went to Target (shocker!) and tried on a few things and didn't really find much during that trip, but I did find these AMAZING colored jeans! I bought the Pale Ruby shade, and know what the best part is? They're ONLY $24.99!
My second favorite color was the mint green which is very trendy too! The other two colors on the rack were red which was a little too bright for me and a teal-y blue that I knew I didn't have anything that matched. These two pale colors were definitely worth a trip to check if your Target has a pair!

I wore my new pink jeans while I was traveling yesterday with a white polo and navy blue cable knit sweater. I LOVED the look and will have to post a photo next time I wear them!

I definitely recommend running out to your Target to see if they're available!



preppylove said...

I totally was not into the colored jeans thing at first either... I was working at Nordstrom and all the ones we got were sooo vibrant and out there.

But I got two pairs later of yellow and red jeans that I love and I really want some pale pink ones now!


Abby said...

I love the pale pink color! I have a pale yellow pair from Zara that I absolutely love!

Abby xx

Blonde Prep said...

So cute! I have a pair in coral But I love the pale pink and green!


Anonymous said...

How do they fit? They had the best jegging style denim early this fall, are they tighter or do you think they'll stretch out.

@preppylove the Zara ones are so cute and priced right, the Lilly one's are a little pricey but I caved and got the neon melon one' color out there, though they may fit better for those packing well "less"