Friday, May 25, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Dress to Impress Social Media Style

May 24

Yesterday morning I went to my first official business networking event put on by the business school at USC! It was very informative and I learned a ton. I was invited by a former professor from the spring semester to attend a breakfast presentation about social media! I connected with my professor on LinkedIn after our class ended and he found me through there to invite me. I was extremely excited when he first mentioned it and looked forward to it!

I was TOTALLY nervous before I went, so I checked and re-checked, then scrapped, and checked and re-checked my outfit. Multiply that about five times, add in my roommate and her help and finally I decided on what to wear. Business dress is officially the hardest thing to dress appropriately for. Not prom, not the first day of school. But "business". Like really, what does that even mean? I figured my suit would be too stiff and dressy, but I didn't want to look like an amateur when I showed up.

Anyway, I finally decided on my navy blazer (remember that REALLY good deal I got awhile back? Yep, THAT blazer) and a new skirt I got at H&M. It must have been a good look because one of the ladies sitting at my table asked me if I taught at the University! Ha! I took it as a major compliment though, and an implied acceptance for my outfit. Clearly I was stressing about it!

When I checked in I must have looked a bit forlorn because the woman at the desk asked if I needed directions somewhere...oh boy! Then she realized I was actually in the right place and handed my official nametag:
Katie Rudder
Let's Be Preppy

Needless to say, I was obviously excited by that! I decided to register under LBP because that's where the majority of my social media skills come from! It seemed to make sense and ended up being a great choice!

What do you wear for these kind of events and presentations? I'm still learning and building my working wardrobe, and I'm totally open for advice and suggestions!



Emily Anne said...

Really cute for a Business outfit! Love the skirt!

Maria said...

This is so amazing! Congratulations! I am still in love with that Blazer you got!

Melissa said...

I'm with you...'business dress' or 'business casual' or so hard! I like to keep my look 'professional' and 'feminine', so I usually wear a skirt (pencil and a-line are my favourite) a polo (either full sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless, depending on the season) and a cardigan. If it's more formal, I stick to solids and dark coulours. Less formal, prints and brights.