Saturday, May 26, 2012

Volume In A Bottle

With this short hair comes some hair-do difficulty. Sometimes getting volume is a little hard because between blow-drying and straightening, my thick hair tends to fall flat. That was until, I came upon Loreal Everstyle Volume spray.

Let me preface this by saying that I don't really like hair products. I rarely ever use anything out of the ordinary besides shampoo and conditioner and the occasional hairspray. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to hair products. I feel like usually you just end up with very greasy hair by the time you go to bed anyway.

Back to the volume problem.
Or should I say, volume problem no more.

I LOVE Loreal EverStyle Volume Root Lifting Spray.

You spray like 3 or 4 puffs onto your wet-ish roots and blow dry. AKA I flip my head over dry for about 5 or 10 minutes and flip back up, red face and all. This stuff works WONDERS. I would be curious to know if this would have worked on my old long long long hair, but it works GREAT for my new do!

I have NO volume problem anymore, and that's even post straightening. In fact, just this morning I used it and almost wanted time for it to flatten a little--a thought I would have NEVER expected to cross my mind! 

I am SO excited that I've finally found a volume product that is reliable! Now I just need to find a good straightener and I'll be on my way to REALLy taking care of my hair!

On that note, any good suggestions for a straightener? Preferably I'm thinking about a skinny one? I'm on the fence between brands and reviews are ALL over the place for different straighteners--hook a sista up with your favorites!



Janna said...

I will have to try that! I'm in a hair rut- I'm thinking about going short again- that stuff might help me out!

Ashley said...

I just cut my hair short and have been having the same problems! I will definitely try this out. As for the flat iron -- I suggest a CHI. I use my flat iron as both a straightening tool AND a curling iron, so it does double duty. Also, apparently if you buy from Bed Bath and Beyond they have a lifetime warranty and you can bring it back at any time and they will replace it for you for free! I've had mine for 5+ years with no problem though! Hope that helps!!


Melissa said...

I agree with Ashley...CHI is the best! I don't flat iron my hair often (i like my natural curls and I'd rather spend that extra hour sleeping), but when I do I use a CHI.

One of my favourite bloggers recently posted about her discovery of CHI (

Sarah Brooke said...

I bought this straightener because of the great reviews on Amazon and I LOVE it. I think it's way better than a CHI!

Annika Mueller said...

This is the CHI I have and I love it! :) It has lasted 3 years so far! Still going strong! :)

Brooke Ange said...

Babyliss straighteners are the way to go!! 1in on eBay relatively inexpensive too! After 3 chi's broke, or stopped getting hot I had to switch...

Brooke Ange said...
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Jessa said...

The Sedu Revolution is AMAZING! The plates are incredibly smooth, it never ever snags my hair, and the sides of the plates have a slight curve to them, it makes curling out or under, or actually curling your hair incredibly easy. Worth it's weight in gold, and I have very thick, curly, frizzy hair. I never go anywhere without it.