Thursday, June 14, 2012

Polish Change: A Crewed Interest

Essie's "A Crewed Interest" is my current color. I really really like it and it is really pretty on. The bottle color is pretty accurate plus a bit more orange-y, but not too much. Definitely a great summer color!

The only downfall is that it took a LOT of coats to look solid. I'm saying like 3-4 on most nails. I also had to go over a few nails because my hands were extra shaky when I was painting--not really on my nail color game! Aside from the many coats, I really am a fan of "A Crewed Interest"!

As a business major, I couldn't NOT get one of the colors from this line! My second favorite from the Navigate Her collection was "Tour de Finance"! I just loved the nod to the business world in all these whimsical names!!

Some tweeps LOVE "A Crewed Interest"! Is it a color you'd wear or you've worn?



Blue Dog Belle said...

That's such a cute name. Definitely going to have to pick that up soon!

xoxo, Emily

Miss Lindsay said...

Wearing it now!! One of my fav colors this season.

Kathryn {Reynolds Wrap-Up} said...

I have used this too and I agree it takes ALOT of coats to look solid. However, its such a fun summer color!

Chloe said...

that is such a cute color!! i can't stand when polishes don't go on opaque, but if you put a white layer of polish underneath, it usually turns out super well!!
xo chloe