Friday, July 20, 2012

(Bathing) SUIT UP!

I'm a HUGE "How I Met Your Mother Fan" so I like to throw in any kind of HIMYM pun whenever I can.

Anywho, I'm headed to the beach today! Best. Feeling. Ever.

What's a must have at the beach? Bathing suits of course!

My absolute go-to for swimwear is TARGET! Y'all might laugh, but I swear they have ones that LAST, clean well, and fit great! Whoever they've got working on their suits they need to keep!
This one really has  Victoria's Secret look to it! The sheen adds a little bit extra to it as well!
Are you a mixer-and-matcher? Target has TONS of options for mixing and matching swimwear too! Integrate swimsuit pieces you already have with new ones for a fresh update!

I LOVE this one! It has a chevron-y look to it without being exactly horizontal. Plus you could push the strings down and wear it bandeau style as well!
Coral is so on trend these days! I love the delicate ruffle at the top. Try a tankini if you don't want to go full blast bikini but still want color!

One word: OBSESSED! Plus right now, pieces are only $10 each online!
If one-pieces are more your speed, this one looks straight out of J. Crew! I love thew blue jewel tone this one dons!

Do y'all have a place that you can rely on for bathing suits? Do you frequently visit Target like me?



katmcd said...

First, that bow bathing suit is amazing. Second, Target suits holdup so well. My Jcrew one fell apart after one summer but I have Target suits from like 4 years ago.

Blue Dog Belle said...

love the scallopy chevron one :)

Anonymous said...

I love HIMYM and I love Target bathing suits, so this is easily one of my favorite posts!

When I say I love HIMYM, I mean borderline obsessive haha! SUIT UP!

Much love from a fellow Maryland girl!


Sarah Long said...

I LOVE the blue stripes- can't believe it's from Target. Looks like it could cost big bucks! xx

Pearls Go With Everything said...

Thanks for this post! I was planning to go to Target today so when I went I checked out the bathing suits and got an adorable pink coral stripe two-piece. I even included it on my blog's Friday Favorites and gave Let's Be Preppy a shout out for the inspiration!