Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Apple Red

I LOVE red nails.

Some people love red lips, but for me, red nails are where it's at! I think they are very classic looking and I think of red as a nail neutral. I currently am wearing OPI's Big Apple Red and have a very high gloss top coat on top of it! I am off to the beach and I know that Big Apple Red will stand up to the sand and seas.

Red nails are good for summer, fall, winter OR spring, which makes them perfect for transition times too! I love the way they look paired with almost anything. Big Apple Red is one of the best "true reds" that I have, but y'all know I love Essie's Geranium too! That's a ton more orange though, so I stick with Big Apple Red when I want real red!

What's your current color? Fill me in!



Sarah Wyland said...

Love red nails! My toes are currently as fire engine red as you can possibly get.

Becky said...

Love that color! It's the perfect red. You're right, red nails work for every season...which is what I love about it!

The Blonde Prep said...

I have that color and I agree its a perfect red!

Xoxo, Frannie

Politically Sweet said...

Believe it or not, I'm wearing Big Apple Red too! I got the OPI Gel Color for the first time and absolutely LOVE it. Worth every penny.

Unknown said...

Love that color!! And where did you get that pretty gold monogrammed ring? I love it!