Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recruitment Ready: Small Talk

Small talk is an integral part of any recruitment!

Topics to talk about:
Your major  (or majors that you'd like to have if you're undeclared!)
Where you're from
How you like campus
Your roommate/dorm
Favorite places to go on/around campus

Topics to shy away from:
My Pi Chi told us to think of it like this, don't talk about the 5 B's:
1. Boys
2. Booze (partying)
3. Bush/(O)Bama (aka politics)
4. Bible (religion)
5. Bashing (don't be negative or talk about other sororities)

Think of small talk as a mini-interview! If you were going on an interview for a job, ignore topics that you wouldn't want to share with a future employer.

"Be open, and talk about things that you are interested in. It will make conversations much more comfortable for everyone involved."
-Sister from Delta Delta Delta, Phi Beta chapter

Ask lots of questions! 
Examples of good small talk questions:
1. "I'm undeclared in my major! Do you like yours?"
2. "What have you gotten involved in on campus?"
3. "Where's your favorite restaurant off campus?"
4. "What dorm did you live in freshman year?"
5. "Have you ever changed your major?"
6. "What are your plans after graduation?"
7. "What's a good place to study on campus besides the library?"
8. "What has been your favorite sporting event (football game) that you've gone to here?"
9. "Where's good shopping around campus?"

Also keep in mind that recruitment is a great time to meet fellow classmates and friends! Think of it as an opportunity to get to know your potential new friends as well! Small talk it up with girls in your recruitment groups, girls you're waiting around with and practice your small talking then too. Some girls may even be older (perhaps going through recruitment as a transfer student or sophomore) who'll have even more good information for you!

"Ask questions! Just as much as the girls in each of the houses want to get to know you, you want to get to know them as well! It is a mutual process-- you have to love them just as much as they will love you!"
-Sister from Delta Zeta, Beta Delta chapter

Go with your gut and feel out each situation on your own! Ask your Pi Chi for tips and she'll help guide you in the right direction. She'll have more topics that you can have tucked up your sleeve to chat about during recruitment.

Tomorrow's post will include what to wear (and what not to wear!)!



Whitney H said...

I totally agree with these tips! I had an entire 30 minute conversation with a girl totally about how hungry we were and what our favorite foods were! It's a great topic of conversation and definitely made me remember her! (and she came back to our party the next day!)

eTm said...

The best conversations I had were over our outfit selections. Dressing the part goes a long way! Be sure to check out my College series on http://everydaymusingsetm.blogspot.com/

mFw said...

Also, be prepared to answer why you're going through recruitment/why you want to be in a sorority. Its not a hard answer but its a common question!

Preps Know Best said...

I love love LOVE that you are doing a series of recruitment posts! I will be going through recruitment as a transfer so this is definitely helpful! Can't wait to read your other posts on the topic...it is definitely getting me excited for the entire process!


Turtles and Pearls said...

Katie, I love this series! It would have been so helpful when I was going through.

I would add that you should talk about things that are unique to you. After 12 rounds, majors and hometowns tend to blend, but interesting facts help you stand out!

Margaret Long White said...

Make sure you remember the names of the girls that you talk to - when I came back to each house the next day, they asked me about "Ashley" or "Jennifer" or whoever I may have met the day before. On Pref Night I was matched up with them again!

Anonymous said...

How sweet of you to put this!! I know most girls are just so nervous and have no idea what to say! In a few weeks I will be helping out our collegiate Zeta Tau Alpha chapter with a mock rush with all of the alumnae ladies! I'm super pumped!