Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recruitment Ready: What to Wear

"Wear clothes that you're comfortable in--I don't mean 'for comfort', but if you're not comfortable in what you're wearing you won't be as confident.
-Sister of Omega Phi Alpha, Chi chapter

Every recruitment is different. 
Some schools like the University of Alabama are seeing more girls than EVER sign up for recruitment--by the 100's! Other schools may only have 100 girls sign up for their entire recruitment, so what to wear can be difficult to tackle.

The bottom line is be comfortable! 
Wear a dress you feel great in! If you like accessories, wear an awesome belt with your generic recruitment t-shirt. If shoes are your thing, wear a muted Pref Night dress and KILLER shoes! If you don't like to wear heels, try wedges as an alternative to flats and stilettos. 

Follow your recruitment guide!
Most schools have a recruitment guide for the purpose of helping you learn about each sorority as well as guiding you through the different days of recruitment. Schools like the University of South Carolina, University of Alabama and University of Maryland all have different kinds of guides to help you through! See if your school has one through their office of Greek life or student activities.
The University of Alabama Recruitment Guide offers photos (like many schools) to use as a guide of what to wear each day! There's no specific style or brand name that you'll need to wear. 

"I wore a tank under all my t-shirts during Recruitment. That way, if I did start sweating, it didn't show through on my t-shirt! Bring one of those little pocket fans, too! Follow the dress codes--if you have any questions about what is acceptable, ask your Pi Chi/Rho Gamma leader. They send out guidelines for a reason, and it is in your best interest to follow them."
-Sister from Zeta Tau Alpha, Beta Omicron chapter

What not to wear:
1. Stay far, far away from clothes that will make you hot! There's a chance you'll be in a room or house with many many other girls, then double that because each girl gets matched up with a sister! You can get hot. Not to mention, a lot of recruitments will go during August or early September when it can be VERY hot in the afternoon!
2. Shoes you can't stand in for a few hours. You'll be standing waiting to go in houses, you'll be standing IN houses, and you'll be standing and walking to and from houses. You'll want to wear shoes that you feel comfortable in for awhile!
3. A new makeup routine. Recruitment is not the time to test out a new makeup look. Keep your look light and fresh without too many layers especially for you southern gals--there's a chance it could be in the 100's and you don't want it sweating off!

"Dress in something you are comfortable in! Everyone wants to look cute, but more importantly, you want to be comfortable. The days of recruitment tend to be long (not to mention HOT!), and if you are breaking in new shoes or wearing something that doesn't feel comfy you won't be able to enjoy yourself in each of the houses."
-Sister from Delta Zeta, Beta Delta chapter

Your Pi Chi will be an asset in deciding what to wear! Unsure of an outfit, just ask her! She'll be through recruitment before--often on BOTH sides as a brand new PNM and as a sister looking for new sisters! Trust your instinct--you'll look best when you're confident in your outfit and attitude!

Tomorrow look for a post with what to have in your bag! Think of it as an emergency recruitment kit!



Chelsea Crouse said...

Such a great post! Stash a small cloth in your clutch or make sure your Pi Chi has something for you to blot your face with when you are sweating. Watch out for regular tissue though. I remember a girl walking into our house with tissue bits all over her face. Someone discreetly told her and she was so embarrassed.

Claire Austin Hooks said...

I'm an upcoming freshman at NC State and I'm so excited for rush. Just wanted to let you know that these posts are very helpful! Can't wait to read the rest of them!

Kati said...

This is a great series Katie! We had delayed recruitment at our school, do you have any additional tips for winter outfits?

Maria said...

LSU has a booklet they send out to girls going through as well (! The online version is super helpful! I remember going through rush, not knowing what to expect but things like these help so much!

Dale JaneƩ said...

I just found your blog and I really like the style of how you write and this series is really creative.