Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recruitment Ready: What's In My Bag?

Recruitment can be a crazy week! It's full of different emotions and can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. You'll be happy to have a mini emergency kit with you if things don't go your way!

Essentials for a Recruitment Emergency Kit:
1. Makeup remover wipes (or oil blotting sheets--coffee filters also work for this) & extra makeup for touchups! (Wipes come in a travel size--perfect for your purse! AND makeup remover wipes take deodorant our of clothes so well!)
2. Bobby pins
3. Breath mints (Consider Listerine pocket packs--they're tiny and pack quite the punch!)
4. Mini lint roller (Target has these for $1!)
5. Extra deodorant
6. Hairbush
7. Pen & paper to take notes about houses you liked/girls you met
8. Extra pony tail holders
9. Umbrella
10. Camera (chances are your mom or sister will want to hear all about EVERYTHING!)
11. Sunglasses
12. Mini fan (my Pi Chi actually gave us these!)
13. Flip flops if you don't want to walk around in heels
14. Bandaids in case of a blister mishap
15. A Tide To-Go pen if you're messy like yours truly

Armed with all these girly goodies, you should be able to fight off just about anything! Again, you Pi Chi will also carry almost all of this stuff, if not EVERYTHING and will have the real emergency kit for ANYTHING that might come up! She'll be able to help you should you find yourself in a recruitment bind of any kind. They travel to and from each and every house with you so up until the second you walk in, she'll be able to help you with anything!

Tomorrow's post is my favorite! Tips and tricks from current sisters themselves directly!



Claire Austin Hooks said...

Very helpful! I'm printing this list off and saving it for September!

Clare Purvis said...

These recruitment posts are so helpful. I am all nerves preparing for recruitment!

Lily said...

Thanks a lot, it is really useful to me.

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