Friday, July 27, 2012

Recruitment Ready: Smart Sisters Say

I asked many of my friends to share their sisterly advice for those going through recruitment and here's what they had to say:

"My advice is to smile and be yourself! You will find the chapter that is right for you and when you do, the campus will become instantly smaller!" 
-Sister from Delta Zeta, Alpha Upsilon chapter

"You're not joining a reputation, you're joining a group of GIRLS. How you feel about the girls is your business and your opinion, and shouldn't be swayed by how other people view them. Get to know the girls on your grounds as much as you can, and judge them by that and nothing else. Also give a good deal of thought into the time commitment. If you're not 100% committed, it isn't going to be worth it for you. Make sure you're joining something where you're going to want to dedicate a lot of time to."
-Sister from Zeta Tau Alpha, Iota Psi chapter

"Take breath mints  to recruitment! Gum is too tacky to be chewing but you'll be self conscious if your breath is stinky!"
-Sister from Omega Phi Alpha, Chi chapter

"Keep an open mind. This is probably the most important piece of advice I can give! I went into recruitment almost certain I would pledge the same sorority as my Mom, but I soon learned that I fit in much better somewhere else. Chapters are different everywhere, and the most important thing is finding where YOU fit in. There is a chapter that is perfect for you, and all it takes is an open mind and positive attitude to find it! You'll hear it a million times, but I promise it's true: you truly do end up where you belong."
-Sister from Delta Zeta, Beta Delta chapter

"Recruitment is LOUD! I know when I went through I had NO idea what to expect, so walking up to that first house I was shocked to hear yelling and chanting. I don't think anything can quite prepare you, just to not to look shocked and out of sorts and just go with the experience!"
-Sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Epsilon Kappa chapter

"Choose wisely. A sorority is for a lifetime and lasts more than 4 (or 5) years of college. Make the choice that is right for you, not your best friend. Being in a sorority is so much more than the letters on your car or the next mixer on Thursday night. It is a sisterhood that stays beyond college. Look at the values and standards of each sorority and how they represent those standards. These ladies will be there to support you in your struggles, heartaches and tragedy."
-Sister from Chi Omega, Eta Gamma chapter

"Go with the girls you are most like NOW, not the ones you want to be like. Otherwise you'll spend 4 years trying to fit in."
-Sister from Alpha Chi Omega, Theta Upsilon chapter

"My biggest advice would just be to be yourself & be open minded! When you join a sorority, you're making a commitment for life, so make sure you're considering all options, and don't be swayed by outside opinions!!"
-Sister from Gamma Phi Beta, Zeta Sigma chapter

"DO NOT LISTEN TO/PASS ALONG ANY GOSSIP ABOUT THE HOUSES. Seriously, every house has great girls and I always was so upset hearing girls gossip about the "top tier" and "bottom tier" houses. There is no such thing--all the houses are great and you will end up being friends with so many people from so many Greek organizations. Also, don't let anyone's talk influence your decision. Listen to your heart and you will end up in the perfect fit house for you!"
-Sister from Zeta Tau Alpha, Beta Omicron chapter

"Keep an open mind, you never know who you'll fall in love with!"
-Sister from Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Kappa chapter

"No matter where you end up, give it a try. You might not get a bid to your first choice house, even if you are a legacy. But whatever house DOES offer you a bid had a reason for doing it- they clearly like you, and think you will fit in there. Give it at least two weeks before you decide that it isn't for you."
-Sister from Delta Delta Delta, Phi Beta chapter

"Don't try to mold yourself to a certain sorority's known image, be you, and you will love where you end up, no matter what."
-Sister from Omega Phi Alpha, Chi chapter

"LISTEN TO THE ADVICE YOUR PI CHI GIVES YOU! If she tells you to get 8+ hours of sleep, listen! I know you're excited about recruitment and being at college, but these days are both long and exhausting both physically and mentally. Make sure you recharge nightly so you're not dragging by the end of the week."
-Sister (and former Pi Chi) of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Epsilon Kappa chapter

"As you go through recruitment, you will fall in love with some houses (and not so much with others). Don't feel bad about yourself because a house you thought liked you didn't ask you back, or a house you didn't want to go back to asked you back all week. This happens for a reason, girls in a sorority know whether or not you'll fit into their sisterhood. Don't think for one second you aren't perfect the way you are. There is a house for you, and you will know when you walk through the door."
-Sister from Gamma Phi Beta, Epsilon Lambda chapter

Listen to what these smart sisters have to say and you'll be recruitment ready!


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