Saturday, August 4, 2012

Outfit of the Day: The Bad Luck Dress

At first I debated whether or not to post this OOTD, but I figured y'all might find it funny...or something.

Let me clarify first: I am NOT AT ALL superstitious. I don't care about black cats, or ladders or broken mirrors. I don't throw salt over my shoulder, or anything like that. I think superstitions are silly and weird. However, the bad luck dress is more than convincing.

So, I have this dress. That I love.
Pink and orange and it has this awesome back to it and it's a great, unique cut. Amazing.

Except for the fact that something horribly awful happens in it almost every time I wear it. Y'all probably think I'm off my rocker, but Wednesday it yet again proved itself unlucky. I thought I made it all the way through the day at work without anything going on. PHEW! I made it! I figured I had broken the curse and nothing was wrong anymore.


I got in a VERY MINOR car accident. All the damage was cosmetic and it wasn't my fault. We were all safe and nothing serious happened, BUT IT WAS STILL AN ACCIDENT NONETHELESS. I had the realization and asked myself, "REALLY?!"

So, is it really a cursed dress? My friends (who have experienced the dress' ill-effects) all think it's cursed. Am I the only one who has a cursed piece of clothing? Needless to say, something has to be done and I need to find a solution!

Has anyone else ever experienced something like this? I'm SO curious to hear if anyone has ever had a similar situation!!



Casey said...

Can't say as I've ever had cursed clothing.

Chloe said...

that dress is too cute to be cursed! if you want to get the "burden" off your shoulders, you can always send the dress to me;)
i'm glad the car accident wasn't too series!!

Tory Banknell said...

So funny, I have a "bad luck dress" too. I finally just had to discontinue it haha (but it probably was more of a self-fulfilling prophesy and I was just looking for bad things to happen).

Lexilooo said...

so funny you posted this, because I was just having this conversation with a coworker the other day. I went to get a coffee, and brought one for her too, and managed to spill the coffee all over the yellow shirt I was wearing...reminding me that every time I wear it, I spill something! crazy indeed.

Kathryn said...

Yep, I got injured twice wearing the same t-shirt and had to go to the emergency room! I got hit in the head cheerleading, and a few months later, I accidentally cut myself with a pocket knife; I haven't worn the shirt since then.

Abby said...

I have a bad luck black sparkly skirt! So many awful things have happened while I've been wearing it to count. Sorry to hear about your accident, though! Glad it wasn't too serious.

Fashion Meets Food said...

That dress is too cute to be cursed! I don't really think that I have any cursed clothing. Glad the accident was only minor. xo