Friday, August 3, 2012


I'm not usually a big believer in "College furniture" since it's typically not made to last. Think of those junky futons, bed lofts, and plastic storage. I do however, LOVE these storage cubes from Target. I have two sets of this 2x3 model and I think they're great! 

One of these I have laying down just like the one pictured and I have it inside my closet. I use it to store shorts, jeans and socks/undies/bathing suits. It is a great space saver and really efficient. 

I use another as a set of real drawers and have 5 cube drawers in it!
My room is mostly pink and green--all in different shades and I have drawers corresponding to the respective amounts of each in my bedding pattern! I picked up four more drawers last time I was at Target (remarkably, that was all I got--mission accomplished!) and immediately put them to use. They're mostly holding items that are always folded--t-shirts, sweatshirts and the like. I like they way they look and I like how they store. When these drawers aren't in use, they fold up and are collapsable!

These are great for any college dorm, college room or closet!



Bailey Humphrey said...

I have actually had the exact some boxes for five years or so upstairs in our play room! That little cube can store so many things!

Natalie Hames said...

I bought 6 of these boxes to use on the shelves in my closet because I was tired of my shirts and shorts sliding around on the shelves. Gives it nice organized feeling!

Anna H said...

I have some of these same cubes from college! I only have two though, and both of them are currently FULL of koozies. #uscproblems

Melissa said...

I just bought two similar nits for my apartment! One in my living room with the tv on top and the cubes are perfect for DVDs, magazines, books, etc and one for my entrance way- I have a catch all and place for my bag and mail on top, the cubes are home to shoes, bags, gloves, etc.