Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Heart Divided: Dating the Enemy

I couldn't be more excited to finally share with y'all that I am to a contributor for SouthernLeague Magazine!!

The big debut was yesterday and my article was featured as a Lifestyle piece perfect for any SEC belle!

all images via SouthernLeague Magazine

When Christie of Gridiron Belles asked me if I wanted to be a part of the project, I was so excited and couldn't wait to get on board! She asked me to write a piece on what happens when you date your schools enemy! 

A major hotbed of rivalry activity happens to be right in my backyard between USC and Clemson so I have a had plenty of friends and friends of friends date the enemy! My article includes advice for all kinds of different situations that you might run into as a rivalry couple including Gamedays, meeting friends and the all important head-to-head Gameday! 

See my article here!! 

And as always, GO GAMECOCKS! This article and magazine debut is making me SO EXCITED FOR FOOTBALL SEASON!!!



megan said...

I definitely know about this tough situation as I will be marrying a Clemson grad in March. Although gamedays are tough, my heart will always be true to the Gamecocks!!

Bailey said...

I read your article, and it is SO good! :)

Amanda C. Bee said...

I love this! Congrats missy!! xoxoxo