Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tailgate City

In form following Luke Bryan's "Suntan City", I feel like this post could come out on his "Spring Break 5" EP!

Football season is right around the corner and is just about the only thing on my brain until school starts. We're figuring out which games to make roadtrips to, which games we're definitely going to, our tailgate spots, you name it, if it has to do with football, we're talking about it. 

The question is though, where to get all your tailgate supplies? For the amateur, you can go to WalMart or Publix, but for us tailgate veterans, I love browsing all the fun things Swoozie's has to offer. (To all my friends, I really should rename this post, "How Katie is Going to Pimp Tailgate Spreads")
I think everyone will want one of these...
Redneck Sippers...enough said
As a matter of fact, this is already in my Swoozie's shopping cart! I have a few friends who would enjoy this too much!!!

"How to Really be a Gamecock"
A WILLY B platter?!?!? YES.

What are your tailgate essentials? I have a fun list of other essentials (food, drinks, etc.) that I can't wait to share with y'all once tailgate season gets closer!!



Bethany said...

What fun! I saw pink solo cups the other day and was loving them for a party. xoxo

Sarah Wyland said...

I bought my cousin who will be starting her freshman year of college at an SEC school a red solo cup glued to candle stick for her tailgating needs.

Personally, I'm all about all things orange for my tailgates!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Haha. Love these. SO READY for football season!

Katherine Diane said...

Cute picks! I love tailgating season. :)

Emily Anne said...

I love pink solo cups!