Sunday, September 23, 2012

Polish Change: Size Matters

I have found the perfect garnet nail polish. So perfect in fact, that when I painted my nails, two of my friends thought the color was so perfect that they painted their nails the same color!

Essie's "Size Matters" is one of the best red family nail polishes I've ever worn! I think it's also good luck, since we got quite the Gamecock win yesterday! 

This is the only actual picture of my hands that I have, but I am LOVING this garnet color!

I also love this picture and had to share it with y'all! 

If you're a Gamecock, in the market for a new garnet nail polish, like funny names of nail colors, or are prepping for the red-nail holiday season, DEFINITELY try Essie's "Size Matters"!



rachel r. said...

ahh I just got Essie's "Recessionista" and it's such a pretty garnet! I changed my polish in honor of my Seminoles and it was good luck since we scored good win as well :)

briana luca said...

Essie is just the best and I've heard so many good things about Size Matters, red polish is my favorite so I will definitely have to check it out!!

Christine said...

I'm a nail polish addict & I've added this to my shopping list! (: I just recently bought "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ" and it's an extremely dark "dirty" or "muddy" burgundy color. It looks like a gorgeous fall color in the bottle but I'm not sure how I feel about it on my nails! =/

Anonymous said...

I love that nail polish color too and I also love Gamecocks!!