Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tailgate City, USA: Tailgate Tips

Tailgate Tips

The queen of etiquette, Emily Post, once said, “The joy of joys is the person of light but unmalicious humor. If you know any one who is beguiling and amusing, you will, if you are wise, do everything you can to make him prefer your house and your table to any other; for where he is, the successful party is also.”

We want to share with you some etiquette tailgate tips!

1. Do invite all of your friends—tailgates are not the time to be exclusive. The more the merrier—especially on Gameday!
2. Don’t block the road for other cars or pedestrians. Keep those clear for everyone else trying to tailgate and enjoy the game!
3. Do have a good playlist of songs. You want it to include 90’s music, a few slow dance songs once in awhile, crowd pump-up songs, and lots of songs people know all the words to!
4. Don’t bother other tailgaters around you. Keep your games of cornhole, tossing the football, and chair set-ups within your allotted space.
5. Do plan food. The worst tailgates are the ones where the food has run out. Plan on feeding your crowd plus any unexpected guests that they might have!
6. Don’t intimidate other team fans. The occasional jest is OK, but stick to cheering FOR your team!
7. Do remember that the goal is to make it to the game. Tailgates are a great pregame custom, especially in the South, but you also want to be able to cheer your team on once the game starts! Remember there would be no tailgate without a game!
8. Don’t make your tailgate hard to find. If you’re inviting new tailgaters or people unfamiliar with the area, give them directions that are straightforward and easy to understand!
9. Do start your tailgate early enough to enjoy each other’s company! You want ample time to park, get set up, and get the grill going. This can be especially important if you live in a college town that has different traffic patterns on Gameday!
10. Don’t forget your tailgate essentials: pop up tents, tables, cutlery, sound system, chairs and your spread are all things you’d hate to forget at home!

Keep these etiquette tailgate tips in mind while you’re prepping for Gameday!

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