Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ESPN College Gameday

The long-awaited OFFICIAL announcement was made a few days ago by ESPN and College GameDay! They are en route to Columbia, SC!

If you live under a rock (or just aren't of the football persuasion) you wouldn't know that the USC-UGA game will be among the biggest, most important football games that us current Gamecocks will ever attend in our Gamecock careers.

This ESPN College GameDay marks the 5th time that they will be in GAMECOCK COUNTRY!

I say this every year because every year there's a BIG game that somehow gets topped the next year, and I swore it wouldn't happen this season, but NO, the Gamecocks are at it again:
Freshman year: USC vs. Ole Miss (biggest upset we'd had until...)
Sophomore year: USC vs. Alabama (officially crushed #1)
Junior year: USC vs. Clemson (I've never been a part of a more energized student section)
Senior year: USC vs. UGA

I love that this series of different games has also been a different opponent each year. Traditionally, we've played UGA much earlier in the season, but I am so excited!

There will be so much going on during the day and weekend and I think I can speak for most Gamecocks in saying that we are SO ready for it to already be SATURDAY! Too much waiting and anticipating (considering we've been waiting for this since oh, last season ended...) to even believe!

If you will be in town here's a schedule of game-related events:
1. Southern Proper & Gridiron Belles/SoLeague Magazine Shows at Pink Sorbet on Devine Street Friday
2. Vineyard Vines Tailgate (location, TBD but check facebook!)
3. Jason Aldean/Billy Currington Concert @ 5:00 day of game at Gamecock Walk
More events to be added as I hear!



Blake K. said...
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Blake K. said...

I go to UGA and I wish I was going to be at this game! It's going to be a great one. Y'all have a really good team this year and I'm liking how we're looking as well! Good luck, but don't be too disappointed when we beat you ;)


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I think it's going to be an awesome game! Goooo DAWGS!


southernoracle said...

UGA is my alma mater, so I am very envious of you being able to attend this game. We'll be watching on TV from home, so make sure you have enough fun for all of us!