Thursday, October 11, 2012

LulaKate Wrap Up

So a little over a week ago I leaked a few photos from when I visited LulaKate in Charleston, SC for a fitting. I kept what I was doing there a secret, but it was for a friends-and-family runway show before the delightful girls at LK make their way to New York for NY Bridal Market! Local Charleston bloggers and wedding industry professionals were at the show and I had such a fun time being a part of it.
The LulaKate studio is gorgeous: lots of natural light and exposed brick right on King Street in Charleston.
Not only does LK design bridal dresses, but also bridesmaid and mother-of-the bride options. Racks of color were popping all over!
I'm sure you've heard of an LBD, but what about a L-White-D? They have a line of their own! 
I could have looked at the wedding gown racks for HOURS.
I was lucky enough to wear this beautiful long dress as well as an LWD that was all-over lace. I loved being in this dress and seriously felt like a million bucks in it!

It's always fun to be a part of events like this as a blogger as well as actually being in the show! I want to thank LulaKate for such a fun opportunity to be a part of their event--kinda from both sides!

I wish the LulaKate team the best of luck in New York at bridal market and I know that it will be a smashing success!!



Palm Trees, Pearls, and a Classy South Carolina Girl said...

My wedding dress and my bridesmaids dresses were from LK! Absolutely L-O-V-E-D my dress and my bridesmaids were stunning!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

You looked beautiful! I bet that was SO much fun to be part of that event. I have been thinking about getting a LulaKate dress for when we tie the knot! xx

Shady Lady! said...

You have got to tell me more about that dress with the striped skirt and lace top!

southernoracle said...

Lovely! Do we get to see a shot of the LWD?

Glitterista said...

My bridesmaids are wearing LulaKate and I may end up getting one of their LWD as well. :)