Saturday, October 13, 2012

Polish Change: Penny Talk

I really like the Essie Metallics collection. As elusive and hard to find as the collection was, I tracked a few of the best shades down and snagged them for myself!

I recently added "Penny Talk" to that list and just the other day, decided to put it on my toes! I use my toes as a tester before I do my real nails to see if I like the color out of the bottle and how it looks "on". After donning PT on my toes for a little, I've decided that I LOVE it, and I think I honestly like it more than the gold! It's a rosy gold-coppery color and looks very neutral believe it or not!

If you can find this metallic collection somewhere around you, you gotta go look for "Penny Talk" to add to your list!!!



Tori said...

That's it! I've been thinking about this color and I'm doing it! Thanks for the advice! Love these posts!


rachel wagner said...

I love this nail polish! I am wearing it right now!