Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Make A Statement

I LOVE statement jewelry. That's no secret--it's fun, a great way to embrace trends, and you get have an entire collection of different colors and shapes!

Pearls aren't really a "statement" necklace as much as a classic piece that everyone has. With that said, they still make a statement of class, order and professionalism. They can go great with a suit and a shirt and jeans. Talk about ultimate transition! This one from Macy's would make a great (investment piece) multi-strand that you'd have FOREVER!

You can find this popular bubble necklaces EVERYWHERE these days! They come in an absolute multitude of colors that will match any outfit that you can put together! J. Crew was the first to make the bubble, but I swear you can find it almost anywhere! This one from Bauble Bar is the best one I've seen--it's a pearl bubble that would match anything in your closet--it kinda combines the best of both statement necklaces! Need an invite to Bauble Bar? Click HERE and get started!

Enamel cluster necklaces are great statement necklaces too! While this one is a little different than my picture above, it is still among my favorite choices for sparkly, faceted, enamel cluster necklaces! The "Coco" from Bridier Baubles fits the bill on so many levels! Plus what's great about this is that you can wear it in October if your office has any kind of pink promotions for breast cancer awareness. My office lets us have some pink-laden freedom on Fridays for breast cancer awareness month!
This neutral necklace from Bauble Bar is a great addition to your fall closet! It's actually a specially curated collection from Blair from Atlantic-Pacific that is totally worth checking out as well!

What are your thoughts on statement necklaces?



Emily said...

LOVE the way your paired the statement necklaces with LIlly - they all pair perfectly!

xx Emily @

Lauren said...

im also one of the seriously obsessed people with statement necklaces, however i stop at the bubble necklace, because it can be really heavy to wear and painful!


A Preppy State of Mind said...

Love all of your picks! I adore statement necklaces with just about everything.

-Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind

Doloris van der Bergh said...

I love them. They look so gorgeous!!
xo dVb

erica said...

Loving all of your picks! xx

Books, Beauty, and Bars on a Budget said...

I have so many, it's hard to keep track! I love statement necklaces, and they're the easiest way to dress up any outfits. Love this post!

So Simply Chic said...

I am in love with statement necklaces as well! They are so great to dress up or down even, an outfit!


Glitterista said...

I ordered the pearl bubble already--it's just too too perfect! :)

southernoracle said...

I like statement necklaces as long as I don't spend too much. My motto is to invest in the classics and cheap out on the trends. My current fave is this one from Forever 21: Necklace

Funny thing is, people think it's a.)real turquoise or b.)an heirloom.