Friday, October 19, 2012

OOTD: Boots & Bootcut

When I see people wearing cowboy boots, they usually pair them with a dress or skinny jeans here on campus. I definitely rock my cowboy boots with skinny jeans, but I also love the look of cowboy boots UNDER bootcut jeans. It's absolutely one of my favorite fall looks! Your cowboy boots can just peek out under your jeans!
The jeans I'm wearing here are a great cut that I found at Nordstrom Rack. They're Seven for All Mankind's Skinny Bootcut--kind of the best of both worlds! I haven't seen any other brand come out with a design similar to these skinny bootcut jeans!

If you have a Nordstrom Rack by you definitely check the racks to see if they have your size. I snagged my pair for WAY under retail! Actually they were almost 90% off believe it or not!

This pair comes pretty close to mine! I am a huge fan especially for the amount of stretch in the denim material also. There is a massive amount of stretch and I feel great when I wear them. 

I paired my fab bootcut jeans with this flannel shirt that I recently found at Old Navy. I've never been big into flannel and I decided to take the plunge with this shirt. I loved the sherbet-y colors of it and knew that I had pink and orange stuff to match it. The base color is neutral and would work with a ton of different accessories and bottoms. 

My boots are my tried-and-true Frye Billy Pull On boots that I SWEAR by! Y'all know how much I wear these boots and I know I will have them for the next GOOD chunk of my life. I have broken them in and find them to be extreeeeeemly comfortable. The color I have is the basic brown and it really matches basically everything I own.

This has definitely been one of my favorite fall outfits that I've put together. It's rare that it's cold enough for flannel and a scarf, but I made it work! Do you wear a lot of flannel? What's your favorite denim cut?



erica said...

super cute outfit! xx

SHF said...

I absolutely love the 7 For All Mankind "Roxanne" skinny jean. They're the best! I just purchased my first flannel shirt the other week and I love it. It's soo comfortable!


A Preppy State of Mind said...

Cute, Cute! You look darling! Happy Friday :)


Anonymous said...

I am hoping to purchase Frye boots one day! I'm glad you went for quality boots. :)

southernoracle said...

I wore lots of flannel back in the 90's during my brief grunge phase, so I'm kind of over it now. Your shirt is a nice new spin on it, though. Might have to revisit the idea. I have a pair of 7 for All Mankind boot cut jeans that I bought a few years ago and love. Aren't they great? The brand seems to fit me really well. I tend to wear my skinnies more often in the winter, though, as we get a lot of snow here. Putting the boots over instead of under means I don't get snow up my legs. :)