Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

Tonight is when my family does a lot of our celebrating! We'll head to mass around 6, have a late dinner (plus my grandparents now that they've arrived in town!) and head to bed to get snuggely before Santa comes. This is one of the pictures we snagged last year!

We all get a dressed up for Christmas Eve mass and dinner. My Christmas outfit will consist of the following:
Lilly Pulitzer Mallory dress that I snagged on a HUGE sale this summer!
My gold circle monogram necklace
Libby Edelman Booties
Last but not least, my Old Navy ruffle coat (which is now like 1/2 price!!)

Does your family do a big night for Christmas Eve or Christmas or both? What party frock will you be donning for the big day?



Cotton said...

Love the Lilly! We are having one of very few cold spells right now, so I am personally taking the opportunity to wear tights, a coat, and some of my favorite winter separates!

Have a blessed Christmas!

Bella Michelle said...

You will looks so bright and festive! I hope your celebration is filled with blessings and joy! Merry Christmas!!!!

Janna said...

How fun! And such a cute outfit!

I will be spending this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at work- so scrubs it is for me! :)