Saturday, December 22, 2012

Book Review: Georgia Bottoms

I had seen this book reviewed on Amazon awhile ago and pinned it to my "Books"board on Pinterest after it got my interest. Over a year later, I have finally been able to read it and I was a BIG fan!

It's a sassy and steamy book about Miss Georgia Bottoms of Six Points, Alabama. She has quite the love life and "rotation". I don't want to give too much of it away for those of you who will want to read it, but I definitely recommend it. 

Not a major literary work, but a fun, easy, light read--perfect for vacation! It's among the first for-pleasure books I've read in awhile (read: spring break-ish) and I really liked it. I actually read it during the flight home for Thanksgiving. It was a quick page-turner and had some big drama turning points in the story that were funny and wild. 

I'd put this book along the same lines as Dorothea Benton Frank books with a quirky Southern flair about a woman who you can't help but like! I want to look into reading some of Mark Childress' other books after picking up Georgia Bottoms now for sure!


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Bella Michelle said...

I read this last year. It was filled with some "characters" to be sure!

Merry Christmas! May your celebration be filled with blessings and joy!!!