Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just Bitten

Yesterday, as I was running errands with my sister, we ran into Ulta so I could snag more foundation. While browsing the aisles, I remembered reading some magazine (People, Lucky, something along those lines) where they were RAVING about a lipstain called "Lovestruck". After narrowing it down to Revlon, I finally found it!

It looks VERY purple in the tube, but goes on MUCH less dramatically. I learned that stains are a lot more transparent and you have tons of control of how dark you want it. I did a simple swipe on and added some clear gloss and called it a day.

I used it last night when we went to the Hippodrome, and I. Am. Hooked. It's smooth and goes on like nothing's there. It doesn't feel sticky like lipstick and I'm never worried about it getting on my teeth (that's actually my least favorite part of lipstick). I also go another color, "Sweetheart":
I'm equally excited to try this one! I've seen it sold online and on most websites this color is designated as a "bestseller". I'm tempted to go back to Ulta and buy a red one too! At $8.99 they're super affordable that you can try all of them if your "Sweetheart" desires!



Cotton said...

I bought the Sweetheart color, too! love it!

The Plaid Princess said...

love this! I need a good lip color, but cannot stand the feel or stickiness of lipstick!

Individually Unique; Together Complete said...

That is awesome! I definitely need to try this lip stain.

Worthington said...

I love those products. I have like 3 of them now. They last so long! I have to really clean my lips off with a washcloth before bed as they will stay on.

Meredith.mays said...

I went to look for this today but could only find Lovesick, not Lovestruck. I am assuming they are not the same, correct? However, I found Sweetheart and love it. It is the perfect color for spring! Thanks for all of your tips. By the way, have you checked out Birchbox? I think you would like it :)