Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bursts of Pink!

I'm a junk food junkie. Through and through. I love snacks, candy, chips, all of it! I especially like jelly beans. 

Jelly beans are often elusive, especially when it's not Easter season! Many years ago, circa my middle school years, I discovered Jelly Belly Cotton Candy pink jelly beans. As soon as I mention "cotton candy" I'm sure most people gag. I actually think cotton candy is a misnomer. Being the self-proclaimed candy connoisseur that I consider myself, I believe that these would much more aptly be named "Pink". 

If you could embody the flavor of pink and yummy, it is this jelly bean! Even my mom agreed with the flavor. I've gotten TONS of my friends and co-workers on board with the Jelly Belly Cotton Candy jelly beans!

My sister, knowing how much I love these jellies, got my a redneck wine glass filled to the BRIM with pink jelly beans! It was one of my favorite gifts. She adorned it with the best pink and green ribbons and raffia and it just screamed "Katie"! I've managed to limit myself to only a few every so often so that they'll last me as long as possibly while I'm here at school.

Does anything say "pink" to you like these jelly beans do for me? What are you favorite candies?



Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

Pretty picture!

brittany said...

I think this is a very cute and yummy idea! Pink is as always a great color, and seeing it in a jar- I might just make one for myself! Haha
Thanks for the post, I stumbled upon this blog thanks to Pinterest! :)

Lydia Grace said...

How cute!