Friday, January 4, 2013

Mixology 101: Mixing Prints

I am by NO means a bold risk-taker when it comes to outfit choices. I stay conservative with what I choose to wear and I stick with what I know. Occasionally I'll try (and like!) trends and some times they don't work out as well for me!

Recently for church, I wore one of my staple outfits, a black turtleneck, a colored skirt, black tights and boots. It's a notorious Katie outfit. I change up the skirts and shoes, but this outfit gets mileage. As I was getting dressed, I decided to toss on a Murfee scarf that shared colors (pink and orange) with the skirt I was wearing. 

Let me back-track a little, and add that my boss at work is a PRO at mixing prints. She always does it well and I admire how breezy and easy it is for her. As I was getting dressed, I was channeling her--especially because she loves that print of my scarf!

Anyway, the idea grew on me a TON through the rest of the day. I do have a few tips for mixing prints though:

1. Pick coordinating colors: choose items that have close colors. This keeps the look unified and clean without getting confusing.
2. Keep everything else basic: I feel like this speaks for itself; if you're going to mix prints or motifs, keep everything else subdued. My boss with often add a plain vest when she's mixing prints.
3. Be confident: know your look is GREAT and rock it!

Is this untraditional look something you've tried? How did you mix?


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Charlee R said...

I'm like you- I stick to the basics & play it safe! It do like wearing graphic oxford shirts with sweaters that have a larger print. I really like your idea of the graphic scarf & skirt! I may just have to steal this! :)

Charlee Anne @