Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Sunnies Lineup

I don't really collect anything. I wish I did. I used to collect those state quarters, but then kinda forgot when they were only releasing 5 per year. That got old when I had to wait almost 10 years to have a complete collection. That's probably the closest I ever got to collecting anything. 

I do have a penchant for sunglasses. Back when it existed, I would CLEAN OUT the $10 rack of sunglasses at Nordstrom in the BP section. My choices have gotten a little better, and I try to take care of them better. I definitely see them investments now. I have a few I rotate through:

Ray Ban "New Wayfarer" (RB 2132)
It took me a LONG time to get used to wearing Wayfareres on my face. I thought they looked funny, but I LOVE them. They're my go-to sunglasses that will match anything. Often when people think "classic" they think of these exact sunglasses.

Costa Del Mar "Isabela" (Tortoise, Brown Glass 400 Lens)
These are my favorite of all my sunglasses. I wear them more often than any of the others because they're sporty-meets-girly-and-fashionably-large. They have been in a pair of croakies about since they day I got them too--Christmas 2011 along with my Wayferers!

Costa Del Mar "Harpoon" (Tortoise, 580 Green Glass Lens)
These glasses don't get worn too often, but I still am a huge fan! These were a gift from the folks over at Costa Del Mar and I'm always thankful every time I don these bad boys. These glasses are just B-A and I feel awesome when I wear them. I usually save these if we go out on someone's boat or if I'll be on the water. It's pretty hard to mess these up, so I know I can go in the ocean or water with them on!
(As an explanation to this photo, my friend Aly and I were "Mountain Weekend" for one of the nights of Halloween--in this picture, the sunglasses are on a set of croakies, but I'm still wearing them!)

Most recently, I've added a pair of aviators to the collection:
Ray Bay "Cockpit" (RB 3362)
Everyone says that aviators are good for any face shape, but until very recently, I had never had good luck finding a pair that was ok for me. I always felt like I looked like a lady cop in aviators! I then found the RB3362 and fell in love. There was also another pair that I liked--same no-lady-cop effect--but I ultimately decided on this pair. I am so excited to really try this out!

Are you big on sunnies? I LOVE them!!



Worthington said...

I love sunglasses! I have had 2 pairs in rotation for fofever

Mason said...

I love the cockpit glasses. I have wanted to invest in some aviators for a while, but I always feel like they look a little funky on my face. Those are super cute though...might have to give them a try :)

xo Mason

Kari Adkins said...

Your comment "look like a lady cop" made me laugh. I love my aviators, but my husband sometimes calls me officer when I wear them.

Sarah Gould Long said...

Sunglasses are my obsession! I have so many pairs... if the clothes or the shoe doesn't fit, the sunnies always will! They're also perfect for when you're having a rough day topped off with a fun lipstick shade! xx

lJe said...

I got a pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters for Christmas and I'm in love! I'd love to eventually add a pair of Wayfarers to the rotation.

Janna said...

Love my sunglasses- I have a few different pairs and they all have a set of croakies on them!

Amanda Raborn said...

Love these suggestions! I'vve been a Ray Ban girl but I may try some Wayfares!

LOVE your blog and can't wait to follow along!

It's an Easy Life

Classy in a Sea of Peasants said...

so cute!!!

southernoracle said...

I love my Costas too! I have a pair of tortoise Stringers that I bought while I lived in Key West and was on the water a lot. They are practically indestructable and I wear them for work (I work outdoors) and when I'm wearing a really sporty look. My second go-to pair is a pair of large-frame, tortoise Versace shades that I bought in Miami years ago. I can't remember the style name and it has long since worn off. I LOVE them. They are the first pair of truly large "celebrity" sunglasses I ever owned and I love how they look on my face. If I ever lose them (knock on wood!) I will be terribly, terribly sad.

DMG said...

Appreciate seeing someone else having multiple pairs of tortoise shell glasses in the inventory. Had to make a choice between buying the wayfarer (folding), Costa, or Persol this season. Rayban was on sale,so the rest come next season. Now the important question, what kind of croakies ?