Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tan Towel Testimonial

I bought my first Tan Towel product at the end of the summer in a huge clearance sale from a store a few down from where I work. It was $7 and I was impulse buying because it was on sale. I'd used it a few times here and there to test it out, but I had never really tried it with a specific purpose.

That's where New Years comes into play. I was pasty and knew I didn't really want to wear tights with my dress options, so I had limited options. After having a few scary moles removed early in the summer (TMI, but one was sent for testing, and thankfully came back benign!), I swore off tanning in a bed for the rest of my life. I used to go a lot (ever seen Carolina Cup pictures of me last year? That was probably the height of my tanning...yikes!) and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back in a tanning bed. ANYWAY, my options were limited. I had tossed my bottle of Tan Towel "On the Glow" in my bag before I left for school BY ACCIDENT. I thought it was a different moisturizer I keep on a shelf in my room, but I'm sure thankful I took it!

I applied 3 "coats" of this lotion (I don't use the actual "towels" just the lotion) over two days and shaving my legs in between use 2 and 3. It's kind of a slimy lotion--but absolutely in a good way--it goes on so evenly and dries quickly. It also doesn't have a bad odor and works fast. In the span of two days I developed a GREAT color, just enough to be a-ok for NYE!
This is totally a silly picture from NYE, but I have the middle legs and you can see a little bit of the color--and my nude pumps!
Tan Towel also makes an "On the Glow" for faces, and I have that one as well, but I've never tried it! I'm always nervous to try new facial products on because with my breakouts, I can never tell how they are going to react. I'm definitely eager to try these out once I get all that under control.

Tan Towel is a bit more expensive than normal sunless/self tanners, BUT I justify it by knowing a spray tan (which can be WAY worse if you get a bad one or botched one) or tanning membership is even more expensive. An 8oz bottle runs between $11-18 depending on where you get it, but I've gotten at least 10 uses out of my bottle. Like I said, it spreads out so a lot goes a far way!

Do you use a self tanner? Which kind do you prefer?



hokiemel said...

I'm so happy to see you promote a product that can help people who choose not to tan. I myself was a big tanner in college and then just this past August (5 years after college) I found out I had Melanoma. It's nice to see others realize how dangerous tanning is and that there are other options. So thanks again!

Richelle said...

I really like how you write your blog :)
*now following*


rachel r. said...

I have the self-tanner from Victoria's Secret/B&BW and I love it!! It smells amazing, dries quickly, and lets you see where you applied it awkwardly so you can avoid streaks! Obession! I need to start using it soon because I feel so awkward and pasty lately...

Eileen said...

I really want to try this! I am super pasty and have tried sun-free options like lotions and spray tanning. Spray gets pretty expensive to get a custom airbrush every time, and the lotions make me look ridiculous. Hopefully this will work as well for me as it did for you : )


Heather said...

I love my Tan Towels!! Skin cancer runs in my family so I try and stay out of the sun but Tan Towels and Loreal Sublime Bronze are my bff's in the summertime! If you want to try the actual towels, check out Amazon- they sell them for cheaper than the department stores!