Monday, February 4, 2013

Princess Wedges

It's no secret we all love Princess Kate. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. She's a great style icon that we can all emulate and is becoming a trendsetter for 20-somethings everywhere. It's about time we have a great style icon to look up to for our generation.
Last summer the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted pre-Olympics in the cutest wedges! As per her usual (or more correctly probably her stylist's usual...) Kate was in a nude shoe. Well, you can be Kate in your own nude wedges!
Target has made their own Princess Kate wedge that is beyond budget-friendly and comfortable!
I bought them myself after seeing one of the people I follow post them on Instagram! You can't see it, but this neutral color has some very light and feminine strands of gold weaved into the espadrille part of the wedge. It really elevates the look and makes it fun and festive. I love these wedges and I know I'm going to get a ton of wear out of them!

If you're in the market for a new pair of versatile wedges, these Target ones are definitely the ones to snag! Since they are from Target, I would suggest heading into your local Tarj to see if they're available. My Target only had one pair in my size (multiples of smaller sizes, only 1 10, sorry Columbians!) so you'll want to check ASAP.



Catherine said...

I bought them in black because I was so obsessed with her LK Bennets!
Loving target wedges this season!


Helene said...

Target always has the best shoes. I will absolutely be purchasing these!
Helene in Between

Melissa said...

I saw these wedges at Target this past weekend and they are so cute! I have been looking for a pair of nude wedges and I think these might jsut fit the bill!


Jenna said...

OOO those are super cute! And I mean, if Princess Kate wore it, I can't say no...

Worthington said...

Great to know! Thanks for sharing, lady.


Miss Southern Prep said...

Love these and Kate, obviously!

aHc said...

LOVE the dress Kate M. was wearing!! And I also loved the shoes and how you decided to pair your own!!

fairyprincessjord said...

These wedges are so adorable, if I didnt already have a pair of nude wedges I would totally be rushing to Target right now! Kate has the the classiest most beautiful style, I always look forward to seeing what she is going to wear next.


Pearls Go With Everything said...

I just bought some of these today! I'm so excited to wear them! They will look amazing with dresses and white jeans! I also love the polka dots on the inside!