Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who Wears Short Shorts?

I hardly ever wear short shorts. 5'' shorts are my game, and I rarely ever buy anything shorter than that. I did find though, a FABULOUS pair from Target in the store last time I went:
I snagged these shorts to wear on those occasions when you want dressy, possibly going out shorts. I prefer dresses to go out, but I remember a few times over the summer last year and in the early fall, where I really wished I had a pair of black shorts to go out in. I envision these shorts with knockout wedges and some cute top with a big, chunky, statement necklace.


I'm really excited about these shorts! They also come in a few different colors that I might have to go back and check again:
This color is called "Calistoga Blue" and I'm slightly obsessed.
"Bright Coral" is also calling my name.

These shorts are fun because they have a bit of stretch and even some sheen to elevate them a bit. Best part? ...they're $17.99. Yep. Just under $18 for these awesome shorts!



My Life as A Plate said...

Great steal!!! They look like they are great quality, and come in great colors. I am loving the coral.

Melissa said...

I have some of these shorts from Target from last summer and I love them. Though they did fad quite a bit from multiple washing's, they are great for casual wear.


Curly Southern Belle said...

Love them! Will have to check them out the next time I make my Target rounds!