Monday, April 22, 2013

Cinderella's Shoes for the Ball

With the Carolina Ball right around the corner, a big concern is what dancin' shoes should a gal wear?

Do you go with sassy pumps? Flats to show off your fancy feet?

What is a girl to do?

Before my big dress reveal, I will say that my dress is black, so my shoe choice most likely will be black as well. I have a good feeling I will be wearing these:
Why my black Jacks aren't QUITE "formalwear", I do trust them very much and my dress entirely covers my shoes. I hope to do a LOT of dancing and so I know I want my shoes to allow me to do so!
If I were wearing a short dress, I would absolutely wear my Jessica Simpson Calie Nude Pumps! I actually have a banquet that I will be attending on Wednesday and I'll be donning these with a blue, short cocktail dress. I am so excited to be pulling these out of my closet, I love the way they feel on and how they REALLY extend the look of your legs.
These stunning gold Tory Burch heels would match almost anything in your closet! I have tons of different options that these heels would look great with. The heel and ankle strap make it dressy enough to go from gala to wedding to bridesmaids brunch to the Carolina Ball!

What do you usually wear to your most formal events? Do you usually stick to one certain pair? What are your best dancin' shoes?

Hopefully I won't be Cinderella of the Carolina Ball myself and lose my shoes!


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Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I am so the girl that would, too, show up at a ball wearing JRs. I can't help it... I hate heels and to me they really do go with everything, even a fancy gown :-)