Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Maxed Out

Last summer when the "You Gotta Regatta" print came out from Lilly, I got a dress for my sister's high school graduation. I couldn't really justify getting two dresses in the same print, so I skipped out on this Treena Maxi dress originally.

I had HUGE remorse for not snagging this dress when I had the opportunity. I was ELATED when I logged onto Rue La La to see that it was being offered in the most recent Lilly pop-up shop! There was high traffic all day, so I didn't think I was going to log on, let alone even order or purchase this dress. After trying my patience, I finally got through on Rue La La and ordered my dress as soon as I could! I was PUMPED when I got my confirmation email that it was on its way. 

I paired this dress with a yellow party cardi and my neon McKims from Carolina Cup, and added my monogram necklace on to top it all off. I cannot wait to wear this dress more often because it seriously feels like PJs when you're wearing it. Needless to say, I am LOVING my newest acquisition!

Have you ever snagged a dress after longing after not buying it?



Worthington said...

I love snagging something AGES after pining over it! That happened this year for my Easter dress, which I was stunned to find on ebaY, NWT, for not a lot of money. It was quite exciting. It also made my month!


Anonymous said...

I have that maxi myself and could not be more in love with it :) I'm still kicking myself for not snagging a Sullivan Dress in You're Flagged ages ago-- though still have my fingers crossed it will pop up somewhere!

southernoracle said...

I just got that dress from RueLala too! How crazy was the traffic that day? I was at the computer the second the sale opened, and I had several things in my cart when it bogged down. They ended up actually shutting down the site for a little while so I took a shower and came back to find that it was up but still mega-busy. I got everything I wanted except that skirt with the anchors on it, though. I lost my cart when they shut down and wasn't able to get that back before it sold out in my size. This dress was the first thing I snagged, though, and I love it. You're right: it is super comfy. Right now it's a little long so I can wear it with this pair of pink platform heels and it'll still hit the floor. After a few washes I'm sure it will shrink up a bit and I'll wear it with my Jacks. I also tried belting it to take up some length and it looked really cute! I'm normally not a big belter, but I liked the look this time. I feel like this dress is so versatile. I can dress it up or down.

Kelsey B said...

I bought that one too and I loveee it!

Anonymous said...

where did you get your monogram necklace?

Lauren C said...

I love that dress! The print is fabulous! Is it still available? I think I will be checking ebay! -Lauren :)