Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Formal Season: The Short Story

It's that time of year again, y'all! The season of formals, galas, weddings, and proms is upon us! Today is all about the short dress for a big event!A big trend I've noticed in college is rocking cocktail dresses to formals and events instead of attempting the (often impossible) task of tracking down a long formal dress.

Whether your excuse to dress up is a big fete or a small soiree, here are a few of my favorite formal dress choices for your event!
I have to take extreme precautions to actively NOT order this Tibi ruffle dress. I am IN LOVE with it. I have a formal event coming up (more to come!!) and would LOVE to wear this dress. This dress would be a phenomenal dress to have in your closet because of its wearability. There are so many ways to change this dress and the shape works for so many different options!
I think this Isaac Mizrahi dress SCREAMS party! The bow and shimmer makes it perfect for your dressy event and I love this look for a prom or formal. Pop your date in a pink bowtie and you are ALL set!
In the most recently Lilly shipment, the Rosaline in this delightful pink and orange combination showed up! I haven't tried this dress on because I'm afraid I'll like it too much...

This Tibi shift is one of my faves I've seen recently. It's shift shape is appropriate for all kinds of events, and I see your date in a white dinner jacket to complete the ensemble! The pale pink can be dressed up and down and the sheen looks great with any color metallic.
This silvery-champagne Aidan Mattox stunner reminds me of something we'd see Kate Middleton in pre-pregnancy. I would advise a little bit of a tan in this dress since it's so neutral, but I see this dress looking great for a wedding or formal. If you wanted to get adventurous, adding a metallic or patent belt around the waist!
I know, I know, I said short story, but I had to include one long dress! I actually saw this dress on an episode of Castle (anyone else watch it!?) and through some investigation, I finally found who made it! This Laundry dress really caught my eye on TV and this is a dress I absolutely want to add to my collection. I wish I had formal events to go to more often to make this even more practical, but it's calling my name so loudly that I might have to get it anyway!!

What's your big event this spring? What are you donning for your formal event?



Kisha Jaggers said...

I actually love all those dresses! New follower! Stopping by from www.kjaggers.com.. Come Vist!! If you like what you see.. follow back! Have a great Tuesday!

Worthington said...

The Tibi ruffle dress (the first in your post) is so cute. I really love how classic it is... it is an LBD you could buy now to wear to events and keep for life post-grad as well! Seriously, I'd get it.


southernoracle said...

Well, it's not exactly a formal occasion, but I have been shopping for my Derby dress. I finally settled on this one from Spiegel, of all places. It's very classic - and classy - and it fits perfectly! I haven't found my hat just yet, but I have a little time. Right now I am debating adding my horsebit necklace. Haven't decided if it's too themey or not.

Floral Jacquard Bow Dress

Marisa said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it! My family spends time in Charleston and Hilton Head every summer (at the airport on my way there now!) so I definitely have a soft spot for good SC stuff :)

Those are all gorgeous dresses...and I TOTALLY remember that episode of Castle and the amazing black dress! Stunning.