Saturday, July 25, 2009

See U In The Dark

Last night, my sister and I went out to Philadelphia, P-A for a concert at the Wachovia Center. As my mom likes to call it, it is our "last sister hoorah". Grace is a huge Jonas Brothers fan (I am not however but details to follow) so she wanted to get tickets to the summer tour. I, however, like the opening band much better. They're called the Honor Society (Listen to all their songs! The first one on their MySpace is going to be in the movie "Bandstand", and I'm going to see the movie only because they're in it, yay!) and "See U in the Dark" is their most well-known song (grammar?). Grace told me that they are from NJ and they're whole look is Prep School(-esque). I couldn't agree more! They are a PREPPY BAND, can you believe it!? 
My favorite band member just so happened to match his-wait for it-boat shoes with his GUITAR! He even wore a button-down and a Madras tie!!!! 
By the way, all these photos were taken by me. Since my sister's in the JB fan club, we got a chance to get un-believable seats. We were virtually in the 4th row. Anywho, look at his tie! He was ADORABLE!! I got this ridiculous photo of his shoes from where we were sitting. These were his shoes (you won't believe this picture):
He was adorable! His name's Andrew.  I took this video of them singing their song (title of my blog- See U in the Dark). They have 3 other band members, Michael, Alexander, and Jason. 
(I really want to help them get famous. I mean they're already famous-obviously because they're touring with the JBs- but they're very cool!) They only have one song on iTunes, and its called "Where Are You Now" its the one I have another video of (it took too long to download on blogger), but download it please! I'm listening to it now as I write this blog. To make their preppy look even better, the drum/their logo has two crossing guitars above the HS, but they look like teeny-tiny lacrosse sticks! I love them! They even like one of my favorite sports!

Last summer Honor Society were discovered by another group of New Jerseyites, the Jonas Brothers, who have since introduced Honor Society’s brand of radio-friendly slick R&B pop to its fans and grabbed them as openers on the JoBros’ upcoming world tour. Even though its members skew slightly older than Jonas (Honor Society’s four members are all in their twenties), Honor Society has already achieved heartthrob status and nearly two million MySpace plays.
That's "their story" according to RollingStone- yeah they've been in RS. They even consider their look to be "very Polo Rugby with some rock edge" how fab! Enjoy HS!


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I'm going to see the Jonas Brother's with my roommates and one of our little sisters in August when they come to atlanta!

Anonymous said...

I just realized I read wrong lol I have heard of this band though, their really good :]

Kerry said...

I love this band! Their music is awesome and I LOVE their preppiness! Thanks for the introduction!

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thanks for the advice about the perfume katie!!! maybe i can convince my mom to get me a going away present!!!

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you were so close to me, missy! philly <3