Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lilly Fall!

Hello! Sorry I've been completely MIA these days, but getting ready for school is positively taking over my life! Getting ready paired with working about 4 days a week has just taken up all my time!  Speaking of working however, Lilly fall (shipment #1) has hit stores! In 2 days we have sold 11 fall units! The stuff has only been out for 48 hours, but everyone seems to be reacting well! By far, the Sabine Shirt Dress is an early bestseller (sorry the photo is so big)! 
Lilly also brought back last year's Blaney dress, which is simply adorable. With pockets and everything, it is a most-flattering dress for all shapes and sizes too. All the girls I work with have very different shapes, but many of them own a Blaney (or two or three...). One girl is even heading over to Scotland and she's named the Blaney as a staple in her to-be overseas wardrobe (best of luck aBc!) The Dale Knit top is this year's Britta top, very cute, very versatile and even comes in a (pricey) printed version! My boss has the Britta in every color it comes in--5--and loves it, the Dale surely won't disappoint

PS: get to your Michael's Craft store ASAP. In the front section they have this crazy 10/$10 section and this season it has a "Preppy Collection". I took advantage of it, buying stationary and other paper products for school like crazy! Photos to follow!



Summer Wind said...

I bought up a storm of the stuff at Michael's! I was shopping for my little in my sorority and in the front i saw all of this great preppy stuff!

Anonymous said...

loving the Lilly dress!

Miss Janice said...

I need to get to Michael's and check out this stationery. I hit up the Lilly store a shift and skirt:)

Kate said...

Thanks for the Michael's tip!

I am going to my local Lilly store tomorrow :)

wearsinappropriateshoes said...

I'm playing blog catch up so here I am, just commenting... I love the dress! And thank you for the tip on Michael's. I'm heading there tomorrow and with luck, they'll still have some 10/$10 things!