Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Movie

Spoiler Alert!!

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a most wonderful Valentine's day snuggling with your loved ones and maybe watching a little bit of the Ralph Lauren drenched Olympics!! Last night a girlfriend and I went on a whim to go see the new movie, Valentine's Day. I'm sure as you all have heard, it snowed a BUNCH here in SC which was unbelievable! The snow ruined a bunch of my weekend plans so we decided to catch a movie so that we weren't bored on a Saturday night. I though that the movie was adorable and would recommend it to anyone! I'd give it 8.5-9 out of 10 stars for a few reasons:

The Bad: Taylor Swift is an awful actress. I'll admit I listen to many of her songs, but acting is not her forte. I'm sorry but she is only reinforcing a reputation of being a silly teen girl when she plays the lovestruck, dumb blonde who loves her boyfriend for being attractive and a stellar track star. Also, (spoiler alert!) the writers make Ashton Kutcher sad. He is just not a sad actor, he's silly and goofy and smiley and just not sad, but he has to be sad and I wasn't used to that.

The Good: I didn't catch the final twist (if you have seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about!!) at all. The people sitting behind me apparently did, but I didn't catch it and I ended up crying at the end! I love both of the plot lines of the characters here: Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts. My favorite couple though was the oldest couple who has a massive fight after having a non-awkward (but would be awkward in real life type situation) conversation with Emma Roberts' character. I also really liked that McSteamy and McDreamy were featured in the same movie! Yet again, McDreamy is still a doctor and his same character (but somehow I can't get his Mazda 6 commercial voice out of my head) from Grey's Anatomy. Another aspect that I liked were the combination of all the stories. There was a huge intertwining of all the couples which added a great dynamic to the movie and it all made sense from the very beginning of the movie since the relationships were established early on. PS: the soundtrack is AWESOME! Make sure to listen to all the great remixes and fabulous classics that they feature throughout the movie. I think Jennifer Hudson sings a song in it, and she was super!

The movie overall was very reminiscent of Love Actually, but just an American version. Unfortunately I wonder if some of the characters were lifted right from Love Actually (cough cough the little boy who doesn't understand love without a mother cough cough).

I would recommend this movie if you'd like to see a cute chick flick about relationships and Valentine's Day (and even some anti-Valentine's Day). It is very cute and definitely worth the ticket price as long as you hit up CVS for your own movie snacks like we did!!



bevysblog said...

Probably will wait for the DVD so that I can watch and snuggle on the sofa! But I WILL see it then!!!

How did you like snow, South Carolina style?

Molly said...

I've heard Taylor was awful! I still need to get around to seeing it!