Monday, June 14, 2010

Semi-Annual Sale Steals!

So my good friends over at Victoria's Secret, helped me out BIG time in adding some great pieces to my closet! As part of the half yearly sale (...or I guess semi-annual sale if we're getting particular. I always get it confused with the GREAT sale Nordstrom has that's called half-yearly.), I ordered 7 dresses (yes, you heard me correctly...7) and my average price was $19.67! Some of the dresses values (not on sale) were as much as $69.00 full price. I'd say I definitely got a good deal if you ask me! Not only are the VS dresses great quality, but they're always nicely fitting because of the cotton/spandex combination. They come in a gigantic range of colors too! Here are some of the ones I got:
I got this one in pink and it's ruched on both side which you can't see from the photo. It is super cute in person, but it's a little on the tight side. I'm sure I'll just have to wear it a little (which won't be hard!!)!

I got this dress in the blue color of the choices. It's my favorite one that I got!! I have blue eyes, and my mom always insists that blue is the most flattering color on girls with blue eyes. In this dress, I can't disagree! It is a really nice shape and not too a-line. As a huge plus, all the VS strapless dresses have this great sticky rubber that keeps the tops up too!

While I was shopping I told myself that I wouldn't buy all pink dresses since (no joke) about 85% of my clothes are pink. I decided that blues and turquoises would make great summer dresses that could double as going out dresses once I get back to school since the weather at night is perfect for this kinda stuff! I ended up getting this dress along with the others, and I was a little hesitant, but I really like this one too!

I got this dress in this exact color combo and it's adorable in person! I also got it in a key lime/hot pink combination (the main part is the key lime green) and it's great. They're a little bit short for me, but totally fine for the summer weather! Imagine either one with a great necklace and I'll be all set!!

I LOVE this dress! Of all the ones, no matter what your body shape is, I'd recommend this one. It is so much fun! I love bandeau bathing suits in this shape, and I figured the VS dresses wouldn't disappoint. They sure didn't! This was the second of the all-pink dresses (which hmm 2/7 I'd say is fair) and I know I'll wear it a lot. Hot pink is such a good summer color and I can wear it with like 10 pairs of shoes I have. I'm just thinking about this with an adorable pair of hot pink kate spade seahorse shoes I have!

I got this dress in this turquoise color, but unfortunately I returned it. It didn't look like the photo at all and the ruffles looked frumpy. It was the only online exchange I had. I decided that I liked one of the other strapless ones in blue better. This dress did though, have an adorable racerback which would have been adorable. It may have just been the dress that I received, but it was also too short for me to even try to keep.

I don't do too too much online shopping, but our Victoria's Secret doesn't have a lot of clothing beyond PINK items, swim wear (seasonally), and workout gear. My mom had gotten me a great one shoulder ruched dress that I LOVE and it fits perfectly, so I was lucky enough to know my size going into my online shopping (I would highly recommend this dress to anyone, but specifically if your school dresses up for football games! It is super comfortable and offered in LOTS of southern football colors ladies!).



Preppy Perfectionist said...

What fabulous finds! I was planning on making a trip to the store tomorrow to find some good deals! Have a great day! xoxo

The Wife said...

You got some great finds! Congrats!

Holly said...

Thanks for posting this! I ended up on the website for like an hour at work (...oops) and ordered some dresses and a new swimsuit!

Casey said...

Quick question.....How is VS preppy?

saa said...

nice to know you, and glad to find such a good artical!.........................

Brittany said...

I love these dresses! I'm glad I'm not the only one who hunts these down! :) Thanks for sharing!