Thursday, September 23, 2010

Headband Love

I love L. Erickson Headbands! The Trixie Bow Headband is quite possibly my absolute favorite. My mom got me one that she found in a Marshalls or TJ Maxx along with a few others. I didn't know much about the brand until I looked at the tag and saw that it was a real company and not just the knockoff or junk. I have the champagne colored one and I wear it ALL the time. 

If I don't straighten or blow dry my hair, I'll pull it back in a lowish bun. I don't always like how plain that looks though, so I'll often throw on a headband to give it some kind of polish. I have a few go-to headbands that I wear a lot, but the L. Erickson is definitely one of my favorites, plus the neutral color coordinates with a lot of different outfits! I like skinny ones too for a more professional look and I think that both black and tortoise look very presentable. Here are a few of my favorites:

Forever21: I have 4 sets of these headbands and they're great! Sometimes they hurt my head, but I generally don't wear headbands all day anyway.

L. Erickson: I'm sure you could find this type of headband almost anywhere if you looked. They're so simple, and I had a great one from Claire's that even had little grippers that kept it in place, but I sat on it and it cracked (haha!).

Forever21: When I bought mine, I thought it only came with one, but I really like this headband set. The pearls look nice and then I really don't have to wear any other accessories!

L. Erickson: This again is very cute and I'm sure you could find something similar easily! I just love how fun and playful the shape is and it's part of their Ultracomfort line, so I'm sure it wouldn't hurt!

J. Crew: I like the neutral color of this headband, like the one I have. They're so wearable and the rhinestones add some flare! I have had a few J. Crew headbands, and my biggest piece of advice is to try them on in the store because sometimes the way they're displayed makes them take a funny shape. Also, check J. Crew outlets for headband STEALS, they always have them on the 30% or 40% off racks and counters!

L. Erickson (there are a lot of these): I've written about this bow before, but the Bit Headband so too cute! I love the gold and this would add such a great pop of color to any outfit! They have SO many to choose from!

Forever21: I have this is 2 metallic colors (copper and silver) and I wear them all the time. I'm not as fond of wrap headbands because they sometimes give you a funny bump in the back of your hair by your neck where the rubber band rides up a little. I do recommend forever21 for headbands though because they have great quality and tend not to hurt as much as some of my other headbands. 

J. Crew: This is actually from the little girls' section of J. Crew, but I've bought them before and they've fit fine. I really like the "statement" headbands. My friend Laura sometimes wears them and they always look cute, but I just haven't gotten the trick of them yet! Do you put the big embellishment on the side of your part with more hair or the side with less hair? I don't know...any advice is appreciated!

I know headbands were big when Gossip Girl started, but anyone else a headband fan? Where do you look to get yours?



Sweet Caroline said...

Yes! Another headband lover. I am so obsessed with headbands. I have a little over 30 now and I'm still adding on. I love the J.Crew headbands and Nordstrom has some great ones too!.

Collegiate Preps said...

You should check out the headbands that Tucker Blair makes.

Gracie Beth said...

Be very careful with the pearl headbands and the J crew ones as well. Sometimes they squeeze my head. Also southern proper makes some great headbands as well!

Summer Wind said...

Love headbands!! I usually don't go a day without them and have a huge basket that I keep my ever growing collection in. I'm not sure if this is right or not but I put the embellishment on the side that has less hair. My favorite headband is my Burberry one but I also have this great grosgrain bow headbands from a little boutique in Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

I love them too! My hairdresser said the embellishment should be on the side of the part!

Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

Love headbands! Southern Proper Belle Bands are awesome!

Peachy Keen said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I've never heard of that company but the bow is exactly the right size and they look so darling.

MARGARET said...

Headbands rock! I get mine at Ulta.

Hannah said...

Like Summer Wind, I'm obsessed with headbands and am kind of collecting them!!! I love the Forever 21 pearl headband! I need to order it!!

The Sailor in Pink said...

Love all of these headbands! I too am a major headband lover! My favorites are the ones from Anthropologie and J.Crew!

Skyler said...

I love headbands! I think they are so fun and such an easy way to dress up an outfit! Unfortunately, my head to too big to wear most head bands without some serious digging into my head.

The embellishment goes over your part (on the side with less hair) in my opinion. Am I allowed to have an opinion since I don't wear them? haha

Kate said...

I had no idea that Marshalls and TJ Maxx carry L. Erickson! Thanks for the tip