Friday, September 24, 2010

LBBD: Little Black Bow Dress

The LBD, an essential in every girl's closet. How to make a LBD better? Add a bow! I just got an email from Rent The Runway and in part of their feature today, it was all about LBD's with bows, so I have a few of their photos, and a few other LBD's from online. How cute are these?
Not to mention, this rental is only $50 for 4 days! I love a good one shoulder dress, and this material looks super cozy and comfy. I love that they featured it with stockings too!

This rental is only $50 too! How cute is this for a fancy function? I love the sheen that the dress has too!

This rental is my favorite from RTR. I LOVE this LBD and wish I had something fun to wear it to! It dips down in the back and is so classic. I love the wide band at the bottom, but I don't know if I could ever wear those heels!

Phoebe Couture by Kay Ungar
I love the waist on this LBBD. And I like that the bottom is a slightly different color that the top, it's a very wintery look if you ask me. Very fun!!

Tocca (via bluefly)
I wish I had seen this dress for Homecoming one year! It would have been so cute to wear. I have the CUTEST bow Franco Sarto two strap heels (a STEAL I found in Marshall's my junior year of high school). I'm sure this dress could even be strapless too.

BCBG (via eBay)
This dress has been around for awhile, but anytime I've seen a girl wear it, it's very flattering!  The small brooch is SO sparkly and I've seen girls wear it with black and silver heels.

I've posted about this dress before and I'm still a fan. It's not ALL black, but I've seen this in person and it's MUCH flatter! The tiers lay closer to the body so it's not as full looking as this would make it seem. Pair this dress with champagne colored shoes, and that's a great outfit for a function or special night out!

I know this dress isn't black, but I was recently at the BCBG outlet, and they recut a short version of this dress in black! I almost bought this dress last year, and I have complete and total buyer's remorse (or reverse buyer's remorse) for not snatching it up. I LOVE this dress, and it came out my senior year of high school and was one of my potential prom dress options. It's such a pretty dress (and pair it with a fab Vineyard Vines cummerbund and you're the best looking couple wherever you are!)

I really like the LBBD (it'll catch on eventually...we can get it out there) trend! I'm sure I'll grab an LBBD for myself for something!



Annabel Manners said...

So many fabulous LBDs! Thanks for posting - I think the Tocca might be my favorite...

Anonymous said...

COOL. love them.

Anonymous said...

The Tocca is very similar to a DVF dress I it!