Thursday, September 2, 2010

USC Gameday 2010

Today's the big day!! The USC 2010 Season Opener! I, for one, cannot wait for the game and I've got a fun tailgate all set up to attend! Here's the run-down for a good South Carolina Gameday:

Number One: The Ticket
This is by far the most important element for the game! Without a ticket, you can't make it into the student section, let alone the rest of the stadium. For all USC students, you go to a website, request a ticket during a certain period of time, and then you'll be notified by email if you got a ticket in the lottery. You then have a specific amount of time to print out your ticket (from your own great is that?) and if will have your name, the gate you need to enter in, and a special bar code that only matches your name.

Number Two: The Dress
Three words for you: little black dress. A quote by an ESPN Gameday commentator sums it up perfectly: "If South Carolina isn't the essence of Southern hospitality, I don't know what is. Those women sure know how to dress. Of course, in the South, a college football game is practically a formal event. Everyone – especially the ladies – gets all dolled up. But USC takes it to a whole new level. That football crowd is like something you would see in Vogue magazine."

Number Three: The Tailgate
Every student from freshman to fifth-year senior goes to (at least one) a tailgate before every game. It's tradition for any college student. These tailgates can range from an extravagant parking spot for the very luck student who has parents that are alumnae or have had that parking spot passed down from generation to generation all the way to the dirty frat tailgates that still end up being a good time. A shuttle operates from campus to the stadium so all the students can make it safely to and from the game.

Number Four: The Game
I think we have the loudest student section ever. I'm probably biased, but when you hear that big stadium split in half with half yelling "GAAAAAME" and the other half yelling "COOOOCKS" back and forth, it feels like the place is shaking. And yes, the USC team gets lots of flack for not being good, but those games are some of the most fun times that any USC student will have during their time at Carolina. ESPN just named USC's student section #5 in the nation on Monday!!

Number Five: The Coverage
ESPN has been advertising this game since the very first day of school. USC is playing Southern Mississippi (I don't know anything about them quite frankly) and this game is ALL over campus, on windows, on placards, on flyers, written in chalk on main walking areas, you name it, it's there! On the ESPN SEC blog, the USC is listed as the most important game on Thursday night with this description:
Southern Miss at South Carolina (7:30 p.m., ESPN): Could we see a true freshman starting at quarterback for the Gamecocks (Connor Shaw) and a true freshman starting at running back (Marcus Lattimore)? Either way, both are going to play a bunch for the Gamecocks.

Y'all know that I'm excited, so let's give a cheer to the Gamecocks! We hail thee Carolina... here's a health Carolina,  forever to thee!!



Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

YAY for football season! I cannot wait to break out my new LBD and gold Jessica Simpsons for the Tech game this saturday

The Wife said...

I am so excited for tonights game!!

Anonymous said...

I think i saw you tonight katie, you looked cute as usual! and you are not biased, we do have a very loud student section!!!! keep up the good work, your blog is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what the outcome of the game was, but I thought of you last night when I saw that the game was on. I hope you had a great time.

bevy said...

Oh happy day! What a game it was... Go Cocks!