Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lilly for a Good Cause

As all of you know, October is Breast Cancer awareness month!
Lilly teamed up with the American Cancer Society to make this beautiful Murfee scarf. Here's the description of the design: This limited edition print features a stunning palette of soft pinks, greens, and flecks of white. The pattern depicts lotus flowers, a symbol of beauty, strength and success. Intertwined throughout the design are signature "Making Strides" breast cancer awareness ribbons.

Breast Cancer has affected directly my family (and most of yours too, I'm sure) and so I appreciate companies that reach out. What I really like about this Murfee is that the pink ribbons don't dominate the entire design. The scarf is still pretty and delicate without being like BREAST CANCER AWARENESS, and yet you still know you're helping out a good cause. I think LP did a great job designing this, incorporating a great idea and still featuring the classic pink and green! I've written about many other companies who do promos and make pink things for October, but this one by LP is quite new and fresh! 

I always used to do the Race for the Cure in Baltimore when I was at home and it was a wonderful event that I loved participating in. Throughout high school I even captained my school's team and it was a great way to be involved! I still have almost all of my race shirts...gotta love a long sleeve T! They're a nice reminder of a lot of hardwork!


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