Friday, October 8, 2010

Pink Sorbet Jewels!

After a long week last week, I paid the wonderful ladies over at Pink Sorbet a visit! I just love going into their store, it's beautiful and bright (and HUGE) and always fully-stocked! I saw the #1 and #2 dresses I would LOVE to have this season in there and lusted away. Instead though, I spotted a bracelet on their facebook page that I decided would be a much more realistic purchase. 
The bracelet that I snagged is in the top row, column two with the gold hook and eye closure. LOOOOVE IT! I grabbed that for myself (a little treat after a week that kicked my boo-tay) that didn't break the bank. I stayed and chatted with the lovely ladies about how my Lilly store at home had flooded (so sad--sending out Crab love!!) with all the monsoon rain and about how much I loved the fall line. I told them who I was and they recognized me from here--so much fun! I had a great time and had to show you all the fab bracelet I bought! I believe they just got a lot of this jewelry in, so I'm sure they're still got a lot of it on their hands for any of my USC/Columbia readers!


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