Monday, November 1, 2010

Big Clean and a Glimpse of My Closet

It's officially November (and we're still in shorts...) and so I did a HUGE clean of my room and organized my closet. I brought out my fall-winter-ish stuff and hung it all up. I had to make my way over to Target to get some hangers and hanger clips for skirts and stuff. I've never done one of these posts, but this is what my closet looks like:
(sorry about the graininess it's from my camera's downstairs and I'm pretty lazy tonight)
Everything is finally hanging up. I think I have over 100 hangers in there. In order:
1. Black dresses
2. Fall dresses
3. Lilly dresses
4. Knit dresses (mainly VS and American Apparel)
5. Summer going out tops
6. Summer skirts (VV and Lilly and some Target)
7. Fall skirts
8. Fall going out tops/turtle necks/rugbies
9. Blazers
10. Oxfords
11. Sweaters
12. Work/VC Clothes

The bottom of the closet is my accessories holder and my laundry (sorry...that's a little gross that I included that), and then my shoes are in my storage closet. That also has my coats, workout clothes and pajamas! I thought I'd do my own closet post since it's quite popular!



Glitterista said...

Love these posts! What a large closet you have, and so many gorgeous items! I'll have to clean mine asap (I've been saying that for weeks) so I can do a post too. ;)

...All Things Refined said...

Pink and Green - what a great closet!

McKenna said...

Pink and green everywhere! So cute.

Annabel Manners said...

I must say I love all the pink in that closet. Doesn't it feel great to get organized? That way you have a much better idea of what you need when you're out shopping...

bevy said...

My boys are under my keen eye RIGHT NOW cleanig out their closets for a trip to Good Will!

Worthington said...

I see lots of pink. YAY!! ha