Thursday, December 30, 2010

Advice Needed: Hair How-To Help

Say that five times fast! So I found a set of Remington Hot Rollers in my house and tried using them for Christmas Eve but got so frustrated and sick of YouTube videos that I quit. I have this set:
Half are big ones and half are smaller ones and I just could NOT master them. I should have practiced a few times before thinking I could just get it! 

Anyway, my goal out there is to learn how to use them properly!! Anyone have any tricks? The look I'm going for is mostly volume and curl at the bottom of my hair. Think little curls right along the bottom of my hair to change-up straight hair. How do you also not get the crimp from the little holder? I have extremely thick hair also, so is it just silly for me to even try these? Next time should I just try velcro rollers instead? (That will also require multiple tutorials...)

If there's anyone out there who can console me/train me on hot rollers let me know!! I'd very much appreciate it!!



Pink, Green, and Southern said...

I have some big hot rollers, and the problem I had with them was those clips. We had an old set of big ones that had clips like this:,default,pd.html
That is the only way I can get them to stay in. The claw clips are good for extra reinforcement, but not by themselves.

Hope that helps!

Ashley Lauren said...

I tried curling my hair with hot rollers, velcro rollers, my chi, nothing has worked better than my corioliss curling wand! I takes literally 10-15 mins max to curl my hair and it curls your hair so well that it actually holds for several days! There's also NO clamp so you will never have to worry about imperfect curls. You can buy it on

Rachel said...

I've used hot rollers before but to actually curl my hair. I also don't have thick hair so I don't know how to help :( Also, I just bought a clamp-less (I don't know if that is a word) curling iron like Ashley Lauren and it is coming in the mail now! I heard that they're the best for curling hair!

CMae said...

i curled my hair with hot rollers for YEARS. I personally don't like the ones with the clips that go over the roller as you have shown....they live marks aka kinks on your hair...I prefer the ones that you stick the wire piece up and through the curler... Always roll the curl up towards the top of your head. Don't leave them in too long.

Anonymous said...

Oh heavens, I wish I could help, but I am hopeless with those.

Sending you a smile, and hopes your New Year is filled with love and laughter!

The Pink Putter said...

I agree that the problem could be with the clips. If I don't get mine in just right, they fall out or leave crimps in my hair.

Pretty in Pink Megan had a post about this on her blog awhile might want to check that out.

Good luck!

Ashley said...

I have those same curlers and just couldn't get them to work, so it's not just you!

Summer Wind said...

I got a nice set of curlers for my birthday last year that look just like this set, I can't quite remember the brand I have though. Anyways, I have played around with them forever, and like you, I've watched tons of youtube videos and they just don't seem to want to work in my hair (I have really thick hair). I stick with my trusty old thin curling iron if I want little curls at the bottom of my hair, I've given up on the rollers! Sorry I couldn't be more help! Happy New Year!!!

Whitney Cosgrave said...

How great! I haven't used hot rollers in ages, but I love how it looks!